How do I keep my Grandchildren Aged 3-5 Entertained?

Looking for things to do with your grandchildren aged 3-5?

Looking for things to do with your grandchildren aged 3-5?

Check out these Cyberparent approved things to do for grandkids – whether they are in town or out-of-town!


Kids this age love the zoo but beware of petting zoos. Often the animals here scare as many children as they fascinate. Read a book about zoo animals before you go.


You can choose a favorite park with many activities for this age and come back to it again and again. However, some variety is nice for you and the children, too. Walk along nature paths and give them plenty of time to explore.

I showed my four-year-old granddaughter what was in a pecan and we cracked every pecan on a one-mile path. In general, I find children this age love to be outdoors so we do this as often as possible.


Children this age love for someone to read to them. Try interactive books, books to touch and feel, long books, short books, talking books, and everything in between.

Start with a trip to the library and make that an every other day occurrence.


The most simple games, those that do not require reading, can be introduced now. Games can get more complicated as the child gets older.


Shop garage sales or thrift shops and have a good collection of dress-up clothes on hand including shoes, hats, and other accessories. Don’t forget the boy child. He likes to dress up, too.


Kids this age still love stickers. Keep a good supply on hand. The sticker books are also fun for this age.


This is a good age for playing ball. The truth is that almost anything is new and fun to this age child from simple cooking to mopping to setting the table to a new video.

Entertaining your grandchild will never be this easy again!

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