Entertainment for Grandparents and Grandchildren ages 5-8

Entertainment for grandparents and grandchildren ages 5-8. How loving grandparents can entertain grandkids and expose them to experiences busy parents rarely can.


We always, always go to the library. Although I have books for them to read, that is one of our first stops for out-of-town grandkids–in fact, it is the first stop. I also take my in-town grandchildren, too.

The library is an excellent way to spend hours of a vacation although the younger end of this age will have to have long quiet times broken up with a walk outside.


Explore several parks together, then choose a favorite one. They still want to walk along nature paths and have ample time to stop and explore.


Plants sprouting from seeds and growing are pretty interesting now. Corn grows in a hurry–remember “Jack and the Bean Stalk.”


Now is the time to try some of the childhood favorite games like Go Fish or Parcheesi. Dominoes can be used for mix and match by a five-year old and most eight-year olds enjoy dominoes.

Write and Draw:

Provide pencils, paper, and markers. Blunt scissors, colored paper, glue, and your attention. A small white board makes an interesting writing and drawing surface, too.


Perfect age for first fishing excursions, boat rides, swimming lessons, or trips to the neighborhood pools. Just exploring a creek can be great. Kids love water!


Kids this age love the zoo or any places where there are animals. Petting zoos or contact with animals sometimes still scares children this age.


A city kid loves the farm. There are several “working” farms near me that are planned with visiting kids in mind. I doubt if farm kids would be too impressed but might like a farm museum.


The town where I live has a couple of large aquariums. Grandchildren this age seem to love to go there and especially like to see the more scary or grotesque sea life.


This is the first age where the science museums start to fascinate. However, most museums and most history is too boring for this age. Call ahead to the curator and discuss your grandchildren, their ages, and their interests.


When you are worn out with the touring, and you will probably wear out first, try resting your feet at a movie. Children this age will watch the same movie more than once. If they have been to the movies with their parents, even the youngest will be reasonably still and quiet.

If they have not, watch out!

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