The Grand-kids are Coming to Visit: How can I entertain them?

Bonding for grandparents and grandchildren: How loving grandparents can entertain, play with and bond with grandchildren. Even though I don’t live close to some of my grandchildren, I love for them to visit. I do spend time before they arrive getting food and entertainment ready. I look at the local websites for places to go and things to do, then try to plan around their ages. Some of my grandchildren live nearby. Yet, I still want to take them special places, places busy parents often don’t have time to take them. Here are some of my ideas for entertaining grandkids.

How to entertain grandchildren is broken into age spans for the entire spectrum of grandkids’ ages and visits.

Entertaining grandchildren ages 3-5
Entertaining grandchildren ages 5-8
Entertaining grandchildren ages 8-12
Entertaining grandchildren ages 12-15
Entertaining grandchildren ages 15 and up

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