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Teens/Adult board game for families,parties, fun, laughter for you and your grandkids.

Board Game from Cranium: Family-Party Game Review from CyberParent


Cranium is a combination and a mimic of other games such as Trivial Pursuit,Charades, and Pictionary.This game:

  • Is a team game.
  • Is a family game.
  • Is a party game.
  • Appeals to several different types of skills.
  • Allows more people to be successful than the games it mimics.
  • Also involves some luck.
  • Contains 14 fun activities.
  • Has most players laughing and whooping it up.
  • Has a minimum of 4 players.
  • Has 4 decks of cards.

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Play begins when your teams draws a card from the category determined byyour position on the board. Your team competes against the timer to successfully complete theactivity specified by the card. You can sculpt, draw, hum, whistle, act, orspell backwards for success. At each success, you advance.

To add to the glee, some cards are marked with the Club Cranium symbol. To complete these, every team participates simultaneously.The first team to make it to Cranium Central and complete an activity from each of the four card decks wins the game!

The real goal of Cranium is to laugh and have fun.It isparticularly entertaining for a mixture of teens and adults as in family fun–themore participating, the merrier.

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Occasionally you might have a group of people particularly skilled in onegame, such as Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary. They might feel that the questionsin that skill are too easy. However, with those few exceptions, Craniumis also avery successful party game.

The primary drawback of the game is that the directions are unnecessarilycomplicated. After a while of playing together, however, you can skip or condense manydirections.

Cranium comes with the game board, 800 cards, a tub of Play Doh-type clay, a ten-sided die, a timer, pads, pencils, and four Cranium play pieces.

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Cranium won the 2001 Toy Industry Association Game of the Year award, recognizing the most innovative, interactive, and playful game of the year.

If you are buying Cranium and want to extend your Craniumgame, buy Booster Box 2. You get a surprise when you open the box–the800 new cards and 4 boxes of clay are the same as the cards and clay from CraniumPrimo. You acquire Cranium Primo without the expense of the new gamewhich retails for over $40 at this writing compared to Booster Box 2retailing at less than $20.

I know because I bought Cranium Primo at full retail price without this knowledge There is no reason to buy Primo when you can buy Booster Box 2 and use your original Cranium board instead.Then you have two games rather than one.

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Larger illustrations here.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 12 and up.

A game-oriented younger child could certainly play Cranium, especially on a family team. A very few questions are adult in nature but those cards could easily be removed before the game starts.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not for children under 5 years.

Game-Puzzle Review by Donna Green: Copyright © 2004 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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