Generation gaps live with grandparents and grandkids.

Generations gaps live with grandchildren and grandparents. Generation gaps return with grandchildren. Changes in child rearing cause generation gaps between grandparents and their offspring for their grandkids.


Generation Gaps Bloom Again– When Grandchildren Are Born.

By Connie Adams

The generation gap will not stay gone. The generation gap returned with the birth of your first grandchild.

You may not agree with today’s trends, but at least you’ll be prepared for the changes and ready for the generation gaps to come.

And you thought generation gaps were over when your children adopted regular clothing, traditional hairstyles, let the orange dye grow off their hair, then quit listening to that weird, loud music.

Surprise! The generation gap returned in spades with the birth of your first grandchild.

Do you remember how good a well-powdered baby dressed for bed smelled?

Suggesting baby powder for your grandchildren will open the generation gap again.

Or take the way infants sleep, for example. This is definitely an example of the generation gap!

My friend Jan told me, "My grandson is two months old, and my daughter and I have been having a big discussion over his sleeping position. They put him on his side or back. She says babies who sleep on their stomachs are more prone to crib death. Some study in France was supposed to prove that kids who slept on their stomach died from crib death 10% more often than kids who slept on their back. But when my children were babies, we learned that if a baby slept on his back he could spit up and choke to death.

"My daughter tells me her pediatrician says my way is just another old wives’ tale. But it makes me nervous to leave little Jamie on his side or back. I feel like I have to stay there and watch him sleep, just in case he chokes. Sometimes, I put him in the swing and let him sleep sitting up so I can get something else done."

Changes that make generation gaps are hard for grandparents to take.

I was certainly surprised when I saw my daughter-in-law mixing my granddaughter’s formula with warm tap water. We boiled the water first. When I said this, she laughed and said she was following her pediatrician’s advice. I didn’t argue and it certainly didn’t hurt Ashley at all. Even so, I still use distilled water at my house for mixing formula.

I suspect there’s no real proof about child rearing theories regardless of which theories are currently popular. Most new mothers are nervous anyway, though, so there is no reason to add to the confusion by pushing your own theories.

In fact, avoid some surprises and an "Oh, Mom" or two by reading the same childrearing books your children are reading. You may not agree with today’s trends, but at least you’ll be prepared for the changes and ready for the generation gaps to come.

Something else has changed. I got to take my child home from the hospital even though I could not prove I knew a thing about children or had any paraphernalia for raising kids. That is not true today. My daughter did not have to prove that she anything about raising a child but she did have to prove she had a car seat!

And one last thing… What did happen to baby powder? Babies will never smell the same again!

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