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Gardening with Grandkids: Table of Contents for CyberParents’ articles about grandparents and grandchildren in the garden.

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Grandparents Gardening with Grandchildren: Table of Contents CyberParent Staff

Grandchildren and grandparents garden together.

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As oil dwindles and transportation costs increase, there are many who say raising our own food will be a necessity of future life on earth, certainly within the future life of our grandchildren, if not our children.

Children love to dig in the dirt. Kids marvel at seeds turning into plants and flowers turning into food.

Parents are busy; grandparents have time to teach kids to garden for an appreciation of nature, a love of beauty, and the future ability to grow food.

The following articles will get you and your grandkid started on the road to a lovely, productive garden.

Involving Grandchildren in Your Garden How can you involve your grandchild or grandchildren in gardening? It is easy! Just offer them a gardening spot.

Involving Grandchildren in Composting Composting is a good way to involve your grandchildren in gardening, recycling, and earth-friendly activities. It involves dirt, digging, and water–favorite grandchild activities.

Starting the Garden with Grandchildren You have a garden spot for your grandchildren. The bed is raised and filled with organic dirt. The compost pile is in use. Now how do you start gardening with your grandchild?

Off to the Garden Store Off you go to the gardening store with your grandchild.

Information about organic gardening.

Information about organic food.

Additional information about grandparents and grandkids.

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