How Do You Know If You Are Hearing Impaired?

How Do You Know You Are Hearing Impaired?

Grandparents – Living with hearing difficulty or even severe hearing impairment is occasionally part of aging.

Or both of your grandchildren are talking to you at once. You can not understand either one.

Place a check by any of the following statements you feel describe you. The more of these statements you check, the more likely it is that you have a substantial hearing impairment.

Hearing Loss Checklist:

___ You have more trouble hearing women and children than men.

___ You often have to ask people to repeat when they say.

___ People often ask you to turn down your music, TV, or radio.

___ You have trouble hearing the TV or radio although others seem to hear it easily.

___ You often hear a hissing, ringing, or roaring in your ears: .

___ You have more trouble hearing or understanding when there is background noise.

___ You have more trouble hearing when two or more people talk at once.

___ You have trouble hearing on the telephone.

___ You have to strain to hear many conversations.

___ You often respond inappropriately to what others say to you.

___ More and more people seem to be mumbling or not speaking clearly.

___ You hear much better when you can see someone’s face.

___ Some sounds actually seem too loud to you.

___ You often misunderstand names and numbers.


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