More Grandparents Names

Grandparents’ names from grandkids in world.

What do you call a grandparent? Grandparents’ names are often from agrandchild’s mispronunciation. Includes the grandparents of our surfers. The names ofgrandparents are names of love.


What did you name yourgrandparents? Grandparents’ names are names of love from grandchildren!

Our Surfers Write:

What do you call a grandparent? The names ofgrandparents are names of love. I found your site and was delighted at finding a list of names for grandparents – but I wonder if you know where I can look for other-language names for grandparents? You know, Italian, French, etc.

Thanks for all of the other great stuff on your site – marvelous handy info!


My grandbaby calls me meema, and calls my husband boppa tony.


My parents are Italian and my children call them:

Nonno (grandfather) Nonna (grandmother)

Thank you for your wonderful site!!


In Creole Louisiana, Grandmothers were MeMere (Mere Mere, or mother’s mother) Grandfathers were PePere (much the same derivation, I guess.)


I used to call my garandparents Granny & Papa, and though they both have passed away, they will always remain with those names in my heart.


How about Dodie and Papa…


I called my grandparents, memere and grampy. My husbands grandparents are called mom mom and pop pop. My cheribs are only 4 and 5 right now, so I have a long time before anyone is calling me or my husband grandpapa and grandmama. God willing we will be grandparents one day; it will be nice to be able to spoil them and then send them home with their parents….. lol


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I am known as Mimi. My two granddaughters call me Mimi. They are 5 and 3. My Mother (who is still alive and kicking) is known as Shammy. My daughter couldn’t say Grammy when she was little , so Shammy it was and still is. Except for my son (mach0-man) who calls my Mom, Shammerdude. Sortta John Wayne-ish, but whatever the name the love is the same for all grandparents.


My grandparents on my mother’s side were Nanny and Pappy. On my father’s side they were Daddy Mac and Grandma. My children have carried on the tradition of Daddy Mac and now call my father Daddy Mac and my mom they call Carty. Thus my children’s grandparents on my side are Daddy Mac and Carty. On my children’s father’s side it is quite different. They were just Grandpa and Grandpa until one of the newer nephews who mispronounced them started calling them Bompa and Meema. Now all of the younger grandkids call them that. Kids are so cute!!!

Happy New Year! L

My grandmother’s name is Helen. When she was small she could not pronounce Helen and started calling herself Honey. The name stuck and her family started calling her Honey also. Now all her grandchildren call her Honey. My grandfather wanted to be called Papa but the first grandchild shortened it to Pop.


What fun and unusual names CyberParent surfers have added.

Thank you from the CyberParent Staff

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