More names for grandparents from grandkids..

Grandparent is a name for love. What do you call a grandparent? Grandparents’names are often from a grandchild’s mispronunciation.


What did you name yourgrandparents? Grandparents’ names are names of love from grandchildren!

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Grandparent is a name for love. My grandchild used to call her grandpa Nine and now it has changed to Papa. She calls me Maama or Mom. When her dad comes through the door, he always hollers "Hey Mom" and her aunt did the same thing. She knows I am not mommy, just mom. Everyone else calls me mom so it is only natural for her.


Our family called both of our grandfathers Boompa. The word is one of many that have been mangled, bastardized or just DeLain-ized in our family. This word is tossed around so frequently in our family, that actually saying "grandpa" or "grandfather" sound awkward and makes me blush. Boompa Peter was my dad’s dad. Peter Thomas DeLain. Avid golfer and once chair of the B.P.O.E – Benevolent People of the Elks – or DeLainized – Boompa Peter of the Elks. My Boompa on my mother’s side, and my name sake (no, I’m not Boompa Jr.) was out in the barn doing chores one day. Legend has it, when he came back in the house, he smelled so bad, my sister exclaimed – "Boompa – phew!" He was dubbed "Boompa Pew" from then on. Both of my Boompas are now gone. I live in Boompa Peter’s house. As we remodel and paint, he often enters my mind; he was no handy Boompa.


My grandparents were Granny and Gramps. They never raised me, but close. They are both gone now. And I miss them everyday of my life!


I named my Grandma D-Gram. I named my Grandpa Granpee, also Grumppa.


We are about to tell my husband’s parents that we are expecting…..They are Jewish….What are the Jewish and Yiddish names for grandmother and grandfather? Help?!?! Thanks so much!


As I am from Germany and my son and daughter-in-law would like for their twins Abby and Jake (6 weeks old as of 1/22/99) to learn some German it was decided that we would be OMA and OPA.


We just call our grandparents Nana and Papa, Moo and Crappa , but my cousin has a Nonny and a Pappy, Nanny and Papps.


More grandparents’ names

Grandparents’names are often from a grandchild’s mispronunciation.

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Grammy KP

Gram & Poppa P

Mammaw and Pappaw D

Pappap L

I’m "Grammie" LH

Paternal grandmother Baba JS

Granny and Grampa TL

Nana and Gumpa GH

Cat and Tiger LT

Granma and Granpa IL

Nanny and Grandad TR

Buba and Buster; Nana and Grandpaw EJ

More grandparents’ names

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