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Timeout Table of Content for Grandparents.

Timeout for Grandparents and Grandchildren. Most children will benefit from time-out as a form of discipline. Time-out is a loss-of-privilege discipline. Time-outs must be consistently to be effective. When time-out is used for discipline, it is brief and less emotional and abusive than other forms of discipline.


Time-Out: A Form of Discipline for Grandparents and Grandchildren. Table of Contents

A Discipline Series written or compiled by Jan Wilson

Time-out serves as a penalty because it involves loss of privilege. It takes the grandchild away from the action and attention rather than the action or attention away from the child.

Time-out serves as a cooling-off period for both grandparent and grandchild.

Time-out is an excellent way to discipline your grandchild while you remain calm, cool, and collected. It is a loss-of-privilage penalty that immediately stops disruptive behavior.

Find out how to use time-outs with these Grandparenting articles.

Time-out General Information.

Time-out Defined.

Choosing a Time-out Location.

Time-out for the Active Grandchild.

Time-outs Appropriate to Grandchild’s Age.

1-2-3 Magic, Training Your Child to Do What You Want: Good gift for your grandchild’s parents! Or buy a copy for both of you. If this excellent form of discipline appeals to you, get the whole story by buying Phelan’s book . In addition to very thorough coverage of his counting method for time-out, Phelan also includes a section for teachers, a section for more serious stop-behaviors, such as lying, stealing, or playing with fire, and a section for start-behavior tactics.

This book is a must-read for parents and grandparents of children aged two up to early teens.

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If your grandchild is nearing the teen years, you might want to invest in another good book by Thomas Phelan, Surviving Your Adolescents. Phelan has also written about self-esteem in children and dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD). His combined knowledge allows him great insight into teens. In the book on adolescence, Dr. Phelan gives a step-by-step approach that helps end hassles while allowing parents and children to keep their self-respect. This book abounds with concrete solutions to life with a teen-ager.

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