Grandchild’s Rights to Grandparent’s Visitation.

Grandchildren, grandparenting, and visitation. Your grandchildren have a right to visit with you. Yet how do you protect those visitation rights for a bitter custodial parent?


A Grandchild’s Rights to Visitation by Grandparents.

Jan Wilson

There are four general rules for keeping the right to visit your grandkids.

Divorce is often a series of tragedies when there are children involved.

One of those tragedies can be the loss of contact between grandchildren and grandparents.Scenario: Your child divorces. For whatever reason, he/she does not have visitation rights with the children. For spite, meanness, fear, or whatever, the ex-spouse decides to deny access to you as the grandparents, also.

Your grandchildren, who may need your support more than ever, are also denied access to you.

What can you do?

Well, you can go to court. Many states have laws providing reasonable visitation rights for all grandparents, whether maternal or paternal.

But federal laws are much more friendly to parents than grandparents.

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Scenario: You go to court and you win. Your child’s ex-spouse moves the children to another state.

Unfortunately, your visitation rights are governed by the laws of the state where your grandchildren live. Now you must start over in another court battle in another state.

This series of articles will discuss some of the ways you can see your grandchildren again. That is important for you, of course, but your support and love can be crucial for your grandchildren.

Four general rules:

1. Do everything you can to keep any hard feeling between you and the children’s custodial parent from the children themselves. Bite your tongue, if necessary, to keep those feelings in check and known only to you.

2. Respect temporary situations. If separation is temporary, say while a child adjusts to a new stepparent or a new school, be understanding. Changes, including new families, take time and energy. If the custodial parent feels that contact can resume as soon as life is on a firm footing again, respect this. Your time will come and it will come quicker because of your understanding of temporary situations.

3. Step in immediately if you see evidence of or even suspect that the children are being physically or emotionally abused. You can do this by contacting the agency or department of social services that protects minor children in the state where your grandchildren live.

4. Persevere. No child can have too much love. Children have a moral, if not legal, right to the love of grandparents. You can protect those rights for your grandchildren. More -> Large Play Mats roll-up for storage between grandkids’ visits. Review mat | Buy mat

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