What did you name your grandparents? Grandparents’ names are names of love from grandchildren!

Some of the most original names for grandparents come from a grandchild's pronunciations.

A lot of love and tradition goes into selecting a grandparent’s name. Often names are “passed down.”

  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Granma
  • Granpa
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather
  • Grandpapa
  • Grandmama
  • Grandmam
  • Grandmaw
  • Grandpaw
  • Granny
  • Gramps
  • Nana
  • MawMaw
  • PawPaw
  • Granddaddy
  • Nana

From our community:

My mom goes by ‘”Gigi.” I call my grandfather “Boompa.” We called my other grandfather “Nappy.” My best friend had a a “Mamaw” and a “PamPaw.”


My grandparents were WaWa and TTodd, Grandmother and Big Ike. My mother called her grandparents Granddaddy Terry and Granny Fanny. My dad called his grandmothers Mamie and Mommy Quick. His grandfather was Poppy Quick. I was fortunate enough to know all of those long-living great-grandparents and all of my grandparents. They were a big part of my life. My children called their grandmothers Granny and Granmanny and their grandfather Gramps. My sister’s grandchildren call them MopMop and PopPop. My uncle was Man to his grandchildren. I am just plain Grandma and love it! And now I am Nini to Meagan and Marshall.


Papaw. Memaw, with a long e. By the way she is in the hospital this week desparately ill. She is 82 now. We love her very much.

LB in Texas.

My grandmother was Soosa (for Susan) and my grandfathers were Poppa and Happy.


We have Grammy and Grandpa; Bubbe and Zayde; and Nonno and JJ ( JJ is my father-in-law’s wife who is our contemporary: JJ stands for Just Janis)



Some of the most original names for grandparents come from a grandchild’s pronunciations.

All names for grandparents are names of love from grandchildren.

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