Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy More About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is power that comes for natural sources that cannot be depleted. Choosing renewable energy reduces the burning of fossil fuels for energy and thus reduces pollution.

The following are renewable energy sources:

Biomass Energy Energy produced by the conversion of biomass directly to heat or to a liquid or gas that can be converted to energy. It comes from materials that were once living, such as plants of some types of waste.

Geothermal Energy Energy from within the earth: Natural heat contained in the rocks, hot water and steam of earth’s subsurface.

Hydroelectric Energy Electricity generated from the force of moving or falling water.

Solar Energy Energy derived from the sun in the form of solar radiation–electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. See solar thermal and solar electricity.

Tidal or Wave Energy Tidal energy is from the ebb and flow of the tide. Tidal changes in sea level can be used to generate electricity by constructing dams across coastal bays or estuaries.

Wind Energy Energy obtained from turbine engines powered by wind. Wind is generated from the uneven solar heating of the earth. As air flows past the rotors of a turbine, the spinning rotor drives the shaft of an electric generator.

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