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Zero Energy Home VS Net Zero Energy Home

There is some confusion about a Zero Energy House as defined by the United States Department of Energy.

Originally: Any house that averaged near net zero energy consumption. It was basically a home that produced as much energy as it used.

Now: In order to allow builders who did not build a home that produced as much energy as it used to say they built a zero energy home, the government (U. S. Department of Energy) decided to allow any home that used about half the energy of traditional construction be described as a zero energy home. It is basically a home that is very energy-efficient.

For example, a home that produced as much energy as it used was originally called a zero energy home; it now must be called a net zero energy home. This distinguishes it from a home which does not produce as much energy as it uses but does use about half the energy of a traditionally constructed house.

A net zero energy home can also supply more energy than its needs, typically using one or more solar energy strategies, energy storage, and/or net metering. In a net zero energy home, efficient building enclosures and HVAC systems are a given. These homes must also have high efficiency appliances and lighting. In short, a net zero energy home must first be a very energy-efficient home.

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