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Small Is Green Building, Green Builders, Energy-Efficient Homes, Green HousesPlease Note:This website explains green building for a climate zone comparable to North Texas or Central Texas, such as the climate of Waco or Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. It is important to hire a green builder who is an expert in energy-efficient building in your climate zone.

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This website is for the climate zone that includes North Central Texas or the DFW area such as Plano, Keller, or Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. Regardless of your climate zone, the first priority for green building or energy-efficient remodeling is to hire an energy consultant and a green builder who understand and use up-to-date green building practices for your area.

No matter how energy efficient its plan or howmany green materials are used in its construction, a large home can neverbe a green building. The oversized house uses too many resources to be considered"green building."

Architect and author Sarah Susanka is credited with creating the idea of the "notso big house." When planning her own house, she wanted a home to"combine the beauty of the big house with the efficiency of a smallone."

She writes, "Our perspective is broadening.We are looking into the future and are starting to grapple with how we can help maintainour planet in the state of balance that we recognize as home."

Perhaps we can look into our future for the beauty ofa small, beautiful, livable, elegant, and green home. We require some small,resource-stingy ideas to start us shrinking and greening.

Small Ideas

Although a high ceiling, larger mirror,and natural light make a modestbathroom feel larger, actually cutting square feet from a home is more difficultthan it sounds. Here are a few "small ideas" to make a small greenhome more functional and attractive.

Add Inches to Height: Instead of eight footceilings, have nine foot ceilings. This keeps small rooms from seemingcramped.

Eliminate Attics: The usablespace under the attic can be used for visual appeal, conditioned storage, andloft space.

Eliminate Halls: Halls take upspace that can be used for storage or larger rooms. Traffic patterns can crossrooms.

Separate Space: Rather thanbuilding walls, separate spaces with changes in materials or ceiling height.,Furniture, such as a bookcase perpendicular to a wall, also separates spacewithout a wall.

Eliminate Formals: Do you use a parlor ora formal dining room more than a few times a year? Plan a largerkitchen or use two separate sitting areas within one living area. A living-diningarea with a small, windowed breakfast nook in (or off) the kitchen adds visualspace and usability to both rooms. When not eating, use the breakfast nook forhomework or use the dining table forgames and extra seating for guests.

Use Space Under Roof Peak: Look fora small second story under the peak of the roof. It costs less than first-story space because ituses far fewer resources to build.

Think green. Think small with small ideas. Thinkbeautiful. Think green building.

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Note: The opinions expressedherein are exclusively those of the writers or other participants and do not necessarily reflect theposition of CyberParent,LLC. They are not intended to take the place of advice of ahealth, legal, or other professional whose expertise you might need to seek.This website explains green building and green remodeling for a climate zonecomparable to North Central Texas or Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, It isimportant to hire a green builder and an energy consultant who are experts inenergy-efficient building in your climate zone and who use the most up-to-dategreen building information.

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