Daylight, Daytime, Green Building, Green Builders, Green Houses, Energy-Efficient HomesPlease Note:This website explains green building for a climate zone comparable to North Texas or Central Texas, such as the climate of Waco or Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. It is important to hire a green builder who is an expert in energy-efficient building in your climate zone.

Daylight in Green Building

We Love Daylight; It Overheats Us


This website is for the climate zone that includes North Central Texas or the DFW area such as Plano, Keller, or Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.  Regardless of your climate zone, the first priority for green building or energy-efficient remodeling is to hire an energy consultant and a green builder who understand and use up-to-date green building practices for your area. 

We love daylight. It has such a positive psychological effect onhuman beings that more mental health problems occur during winter than summerdue to winter’s shorter hours of daylight.

In the winter we need warmth and welcome the suninto our homes. During the day we curl uplike a cat in that warm spot by the window–a warm spot that begins to cool asdarkness approaches.

Yet most of the year in North Central Texas, wemust control the amount of daylight which enters our home because ofoverheating. At the very least, we must control the direction our windowsface, then shade the west, south, and east for some parts of the day duringcertain seasons of the year.

Jim Sargent, the green builder chosen by the Department of Energyas Builder of the Year because of his energy-efficient homes, builds housesdesigned to capture the warmth of the sun in the winter, then blocks that heatfrom the sun in the spring, summer, and fall. He calls this good passive solardesign.

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