Low E Windows

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Low-E Windows

Only 38 percent of the solar energy that lands on planet earth is visible. The invisible, infrared rays pass through glass windows, adding heat to your home. The invisible UV rays fade and degrade your furnishings.

Low-e windows:

  • Have microscopically thin layers of metallic oxide bonded to the surface of a window’s glass.

  • Have microscopically thin layers of metallic oxide bonded to the surface of a window’s glass.

  • Are practically invisible to the naked eye, yet able to reduce the U-factor by reducing heat flow from a warm(er) air space to a cold(er) glazing surface.

A low-e coating works like an invisible mirror to reflect selected portions of the light spectrum back out or back in through windows.

Where should you install these windows?

The best location for the coating is based on whether the primary heat flow you want to control is from the inside out (heating climates) or the outside in (cooling climates). There is no reason to have a low-E window in the cooling climate of the south if the sun does not hit that window.

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