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Lifecycle costing adds the original cost of a piece of equipment and its operating cost together over The equipment’s lifetime OR A certain number of years.

This gives you an accurate analysis of the real overall cost of a purchase and allows an informed comparison.

The energy inflation rate is the percentage more you have to pay each year for the same amount of energy.

Lifecycle costing requires you to make an educated guess of the energy inflation rate.

Most North Texans think the price of oil will rise and bring the price of other fossil fuels with it. After nor rising appreciably in the last couple of years. the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 find it on the rise again..

Some attribute the stability of energy costs on the 2008 21st century recession. Others say it is, at least partially, the result of conservation. Probably it is both.

Regardless of what has made this stability, however, it makes it hard to make an educated guess about the energy inflation rate.

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