Purple Bug Dip Bowl Gooey Insides

Purple Bug Dip Bowl, Gooey Black Insides for Halloween Parties

Halloween Purple Bug Dip Bowl: Purple bug dip bowl with gooey black insides is perfect for Halloween parties–kids or adults.

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Halloween: Purple Bug Dip Bowl with Black Gooey Insides

By The Witch of San Jose

Halloween purple bug dip bowl with black olive dip. Good for Halloween or other kids’ parties.

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Purple Bug Dip Bowl with Gooey Black Insides

What you will need: 1 dark purple eggplant per dip 2 large thumbtacks black pipe cleaners

1 recipe black olive dip Carrot sticks Eggplant Buy the largest, darkest purple eggplant you can find. Cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out the insides of the eggplant and use in soup.

Top of Eggplant

Draw eyes on thumbtack with magic markers. Stick them into the eggplant where eyes should normally be placed. Bend black pipe cleaner legs along the sides of the eggplant. Refrigerate unless party is within a few hours.

Bottom of Eggplant

Prepare black olive dip and carrot sticks. Level the bottom of the eggplant by slicing off a small portion of the bottom. Stuff dip in eggplant. Refrigerate until serving..

Serving Place both halves of eggplant on the same platter. Serve with carrot sticks on an adjacent plate.

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Boo to you, too.

The purple bug is good for any kid’s party and will even receive a smile or two at an adult party.

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