3 Amazing Tips for a Cleaner House This Summer

Summer is definitely the best season to give your house a fresh look with a thorough cleaning.

Not just because long and sunny days give you a lot more energy to tackle such tasks, but also because sunlight has a way of highlighting all the little details that you normally don’t even pay attention to.

Cleaning a house may seem like a pretty straightforward task, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make your work a lot easier and quicker:

1. Declutter Your Entire Property

Getting rid of all the unnecessary items lying around your house and garden is one of those tasks that should be performed regularly – and summer is the perfect moment to check it off the list of things to do.

If you take a look around your home, you’ll easily notice things that you keep simply because you’re used to them, not necessarily because you want to ever use them again.

It’s one thing to keep certain items because they make you feel nostalgic, but letting your home get cluttered with such items is something different altogether.

Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement and simply get rid of such clutter.

But when throwing such things away, remember that not all materials can be disposed of in the same way.

If you have clothes you no longer wear, check whether they are still in good condition and donate them. If you have books you don’t want, take them to your local library.

And in case of old household appliances and scrap metal, contact a company that will collect scrap metal from your location – you no longer have to transport your scrap to the scrap yard yourself, now you can arrange for it to be picked up from your own address

2. Let the Sun into Your Home

Window cleaning is one of the summer chores that many people hate, but with the right technique, you can quickly get rid of all the dust and dirt accumulated on the glass to give your windows that spotless look every homeowner dreams of.

When it comes to choosing the perfect day for this task, it’s best to do it in the morning or on a cloudy day – it’s easier to avoid streaks this way.

Another tip for efficient cleaning is preparing all the necessary tools before you actually get to work – you don’t want to run out of cleaning solutions right in the middle of cleaning.

Though it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to buy it – you can prepare a very good cleaning solution by mixing water with vinegar (in the proportion of 2:1).

3. Get Rid of the Dust

The biggest benefit of perfectly clean windows is the amount of sunlight that can get into your rooms through them.

But there’s one downside to this situation as well – while sunlight can make your interior design appear more beautiful and give it more character, it can also highlight the layer of dust on your furniture.

It’s absolutely natural for the dust to gather on different surfaces, and a thin layer of it is definitely not a sign of a messy household.

Nonetheless, it can be a big hindrance and ruin the effect you’re after. There are two things you can do to solve this issue.

The first is to simply need to dust your rooms more often during the summer months.

Also, it’s best to limit the number of decorations and little trinkets to the absolute minimum – while they may be pretty, they can also gather dust quickly and cleaning them takes a lot more time than simply dusting even surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Clean your home for the summer and enjoy spending your free time in rooms that are not only comfortable, but also beautiful and spotless!

But while cleaning is definitely important, don’t forget to ventilate your home regularly as well – this will help you maintain that fresh atmosphere and enhance the results of your work.

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