3 Furnishing Ideas to Help Transform Your Home

Are you planning to rent out your home? If so, you will need to make sure your property is rent-ready so you can make a great first impression to prospective tenants. If you have an older property, you may want to consider redecorating and updating the decor to make your property is perceived as a more modern and attractive to potential tenants.

The following advice is intended to help you boost the rental value of your property and generate more significant tenant interest.

Rearrange the decor

If you’re planning to rent out a pre-furnished home, then you should consider the placement of your furniture. You may not think this is important, however, it can massively improve the look of the property. It will also help to maximize the space, which is ideal for much smaller homes. This is because the positioning of the furniture can create the appearance of a spacious living area.

A great tip for creating a contemporary home is to avoid symmetry, so instead of obsessing over your chairs being in one line, you should invest in asymmetrical furniture or mismatch the decor. You could even remove the chairs and instead make a corner sofa using two-seaters and a side table in the middle. This will help to maximize floor space, while also leaving room for tenants to add their own touches in the form of a rug or a lavish floor lamp.

Keep it minimal

When house viewing, tenants tend to look for a property that allows them to add their own taste, which is why simplicity is key when redecorating. You should try to recreate the look of a show home, but with more of a homely feel. To do this, you should strip back your existing decor and focus on shades like white and neutral tones to make your property look modern and fresh.

The minimalist theme is currently on-trend, especially in contemporary apartments, such as the up to date studios at RW Invest. All of their apartments are decorated with neutral furnishings which create space and are refreshing to potential tenants. This style is extremely popular with tenants. Therefore implementing this theme within your property will increase demand, and in turn, enable you to receive rental income almost immediately.

Go green

The botanical theme is one of the biggest trends at the moment since it adds a sense of freshness to any home. You should consider purchasing indoor plants, such as spider plants or bamboo which can be placed around your home to create a bohemian floral vibe throughout the property. You can combine this with wood furnishings to show a more rustic theme which will definitely catch a tenant’s attention.

Placing an indoor plant in your bathroom is also a great idea, as it will improve air quality, especially if your bathroom has no windows. It is also an eco-friendly addition to the property, which is a great selling point, especially for young millennials.

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