5 Amazing Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Make your bathroom the one room that stands out in your house. Keep reading for 5 amazing bathroom design trends of 2019.

Averagely, a person will spend approximately one and a half years of their lifetime in the bathroom. This figure is steadily rising as the shifting dynamics of the importance of the bathroom continues.

The bathroom is ultimately the point of concern for anyone who has a house. It is where an individual starts and finished each day. You wake up, use the bathroom, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth, style your hair, wash your face, (and even train the little ones to go potty) using the bathroom.

Making the bathroom to be the first room to stand out in the entire house is of great significance. In the year 2019, there have been bathroom trends that will require you to realize how the bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in the entire house.

The bathroom is not be seen immediately you enter the house. Nevertheless, it is the only place each person in the house must enter privately and make their judgment.

Below are 5 amazing bathroom design trends of the year 2019 that make the bathroom to be a standout room in the entire house.

Metal Tones

The finishes in the bathroom need to be metallic for you to have a variety of tones in the room. These metallic style fixtures are used with tin-pressed features on the wainscoting, along with a type of vessel sink that is brushed in copper. The baseboard is completed with a rich dark copper tone.

The wall-mounted faucet complements a rich copper texture. This reflects light, and the metallic trends make the bathroom space more elegant and exciting.

Open Showers

The most popular bathrooms around the world are open shower bathrooms. A lot of momentum has gathered fast in the United States of America and worldwide as the open bathroom has been the main trend.

Naturally, open showers do not have curtains or doors. This design relies on AC services to ensure no draft is swept onto the dry floors.

However, they are open and can either let water be sprayed where it will or have a little lip to keep the water from spraying far. The lack of curtains provides the bathroom with a display of sorts. It shows off its beautiful thermostatic shower valve design, herringbone mosaic tile, and built-in bench.

Brass and Gold

The fixtures of gold colored bathrooms are important. They give you a shade of brass and gold over the sinks, toilets, and anything in the bathroom. The old school bathrooms used to have brass faucets due to the lovely warm toned gold plumbing fixtures.

They gave the bathroom depth, dimension, and luxury that fills the spaces.

Industrial Styled Sinks and Vanities

This is not everyone’s style of bathrooms. It is a contemporary style growing in popularity among the bathrooms styles trending this coming year.

The metallic finishes give a possibility of providing the rooms a wooden accent, funky patterns of tiles that give it a sense of industrial vanity. Your bathroom will look sleek, edgy, classy, and modern.


These are some of the trends that had fallen out of favor in recent years. In 2019, the bathtubs have been designed to have a solid fan base due to the introduction of soaking tubs which are luxurious and provide self-care routines.

Bathroom Design Trends

As we have observed, designing the bathroom to be one of the most elegant and luxurious rooms in the house is essential. Both financial and personal commitments are needed to have the latest bathroom design trends.

You will need to combine passion, research, and knowledge of the new, current, and latest bathroom trends. When it comes to bathrooms, there are different designs and trends with different price range and attraction.

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