5 Ideas for Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

This year, we could use a bit more cheer during the holidays than we usually do. Why not start with some killer decor around the home?

Here are five fun ideas to make your holiday season even more jolly:

1. Styrofoam Snowman

Who says snowmen have to be outside? Or even made of snow?

If your favorite part of the holiday season is the chilly weather (or you live in a warm climate and feel some snow-FOMO), then you’re in luck—this year, invite Frosty inside with this fun DIY project:

  • Buy some red glitter pom-poms, black buttons, three white Styrofoam balls, wooden dowels, white glitter, and glue (or Mod Podge) from your local crafts store.
  • Lightly brush the Styrofoam balls with adhesive and roll them in a bowl full of white glitter. Leave out to dry for a few minutes.
  • Stack the balls, using the wooden dowels as a support structure.
  • Use buttons for Frosty’s eyes, give him a friendly pom-pom-grin, and get creative with his wintery outfit!

If you have a big family, why not match it with a sweet family of snow people of all sizes? Have fun with it—the holiday cheer is soon to follow.  

2. A Floral Centerpiece

Do you feel like your dining table is missing something? Or maybe your fireplace could use some fragrant accessories.

No matter what, flowers and lush holiday plants are a wonderful addition to your jolly home!

Different flower arrangements can range from perfectly seasonal to timelessly charming—go for autumnal colors for your Thanksgiving feast, a bright red and green palette for Christmas, or gorgeous orchids to fit any occasion.  

3. Deck Out Your Cabinets

If your kitchen is looking a little bland this holiday season put that extra bit of wrapping paper to good use!

Cut out rectangular pieces of your jolliest, shiniest gift wrap and tape it to your kitchen cabinets as a fun accent for the winter months.

For another holiday-themed furniture upgrade, hang some of your extra ornaments on drawer handles and hooks, so you can keep some Christmas magic near your culinary delights. 

4. Paper Snowflakes

Another classic holiday decor project, paper snowflakes invite a winter wonderland into your home, all while giving you and your loved ones an opportunity to bond over crafts.

Just gather white paper (bonus points if it’s glittery), a few pairs of scissors, and some trusty tape to fix mistakes (because everyone says they know how to cut snowflakes until they end up with a reverse Rorschach test instead).

5. Mechanical Santa Claus

Disclaimer: This one’s for a holiday decorator with a slightly more… devious sense of humor. 

If your idea of good holiday decorations is that of nightmare fuel that burns into the minds of children for years to come, then this is the decor piece for you.

Invest in an animatronic Santa sculpture to place in a dark corner of your house. This is especially fun if you are the “fun aunt” or uncle who only has a few chances each year to scare your siblings’ kids. 

Bonus points if RoboSanta’s ho-ho-hos are motion-activated. 

Extra bonus points if you sneak into the living room at night to move him ever so slightly to a different position (we won’t tell).

The Most Important Decoration of All

Twinkling lights and merry decorations certainly make the holidays more beautiful. But it’s love that makes the holidays special.

Don’t forget the most important element of this cheerful season: good company.

Whether you’re gathering around the menorah with family, the Christmas tree with friends, or the fireplace with your roommates, don’t forget to fill your space with love, care, and appreciation. 

Happy holidays!

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