Best Living Room Décor Trends for 2019

Waking up to a beautifully set home sets you on the right track throughout the day. Perhaps, this is the reason we often break the bank on turning our otherwise modest dwellings into magazine quality show homes.

Within all the rooms of your house, your living room is often the showpiece of the home. That’s why we have compiled the best décor trends you might want to try out in your living room for 2019:

Suitable lighting

Most homes are probably well-decorated enough but often lack the right amount of lighting. If you are thinking of bringing a little glam into your living room, consider doing away with the lamps that deface it and installing a trendy lighting design.

You might even want to try out conspicuous metallic lighting in this regard.

Hang modern art

What a sight it would be if you have modern artworks in your living room as you read a book on a lazy Sunday or while having a bottle of champagne with friends on a Friday night. If you consider getting décor that is timeless and you can pass to your children; try artwork!

Apart from its durability, artworks bring in such irreplaceable beauty into your living room.  It would be lovely if you use the colors of the artwork to dictate the colors of your throw pillows, paints- just for the sake of cohesion. Don’t forget to buy throw pillows- they are good for enhancing your living room theme.

 Living room mattress

I admit, using a mattress as a décor in your living room could seem quite a challenging task. But with the right info and manner of approach, it is achievable. A recent zing mattress review by SleepdDelivered gives us an insight into such possibilities of a mattress being a home décor. Allow me to whisper a few tips: your mattress does not have to look like a mattress.

In other words, camouflage your bed. If you sleep on it, getting toppers and colorful sheets could do the trick of making your mattress compliment the already existing living room décor you have in place.

Do well to purchase covers which are not only visually appealing but have a texture so nice to touch. Again, improving your décor also includes freeing up your apartment-making it spacious. You do so with your mattress.

Ask me how? Quite simple- purchase plastic storage containers and use the space under your mattress to store items that are not in use or are out of use in your home.

These items could include out-of-season clothes, shoes, accessories, magazines, books, games, stationeries and a host of other items- it is up to you to decide.

Fireplace decoration

During winter, you could employ this décor. Again, if you reside in regions where getting cold is the norm, you should really consider this décor. Apart from providing enough heat to keep cold away, a fireplace would be a sight to see.

Luckily, if you have a fire phobia and wish to still derive the beauty of a fireplace, it is still possible. Your fireplace doesn’t have to be a raging fire; you could just create an illusion of fire or by inserting mere candles into your fireplace. This could do the trick of home décor.

Bring on the marbles!

If you are willing to splurge a little to give your home that sparkling home décor, try this out. Placing marbles everywhere; on the floor, tiles, walls – can arouse visual interest in your living room.

Always endeavor to choose home decorations that do not only give your living room a heavenly feel but are also durable and timeless.

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