Family FAQs: When to Hire an Electrician

Chances are good that you appreciate the feeling of independence and self-confidence that comes with doing things around your home on your own. That’s natural, and it’s to be lauded. However, there are times that you should not go it alone – when you should hire an electrician to handle things so that they are done correctly, and to prevent you from being injured or even killed. Below are a few examples of when you should call in a professional.

It Needs to Be Inspected

If you are working on a project that must be inspected before your local council or building authority can sign off on the project, you’ll most definitely need to hire a professional electrician in Perth. In any instance when someone will be coming behind you to check the quality of the work, a professional is necessary.

It Has Aluminium Wiring

Copper wiring is pretty standard when it comes to wiring in older homes, but newer ones are moving to using aluminium for a number of reasons. One of those is cost – aluminium is cheaper. It’s also very effective at conducting electricity and weighs much less than copper. It also doesn’t conduct heat as well, reducing some safety risks. However, aluminium is more difficult to work with. If you are contemplating any project that uses aluminium wire, hire a professional electrician in Perth.

You’re Adding Power and Lighting

It’s common for homeowners to tackle seemingly simple tasks like adding new outlets and lights. However, this can be problematic. A simple error in your wiring efforts could mean you’re exposing yourself, your family, and your home to a dramatically increased fire risk. This is particularly true if you add multiple lights and outlets to the same circuit.

You’re Not Sure What the Problem Is

Think of this scenario: You’re using your garbage disposal when it suddenly stops working. You flip the switch but to no avail. It remains dead as a doornail. Your first thought is most likely going to be that there’s a problem with the circuit breaker. You check that and find no issue. Your next thought is likely to be that there’s a problem with the wiring or the switch.

You pull all the wiring out but can’t find the problem. You call a professional electrician and they discover that the actual issue is the motor of the disposal, but it takes them three times as long to repair the problem because you’ve ripped out all the wiring. This is a great example of a time that you should let a professional handle the situation.

It’s More Complicated Than Replacing an Outlet

Ultimately, if your project is more complicated than replacing an aging outlet with copper wires with a new one, then you should leave it to the professionals.

Hiring an electrical professional is the only way to ensure that wiring is done properly, that connections are secure, and that there are no hidden safety threats lurking.

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