Is Your Home Safe For Your Family This Winter?

Making sure that your children are safe at all times is a number one priority for all parents.

Although we can’t monitor them 24/7, we can do all we can to ensure that they are safe at home.

As the cold season approaches, it becomes more important than ever to make sure your homes maintenance is kept in tip top condition, as well as it’s security.

This infographic has been created by vacant property security specialists and reminds you on all you need to know to keep your place safe this winter!

Whether you own a residential property or commercial property, it is important that you take appropriate measures to protect it from damage while the dark nights and harsh weather approaches.

If you prepare for the season in advance, you have every reason to make it through the winter period without any debts from damages or, in a worst case scenario, a robbery.

Tips that help you to achieve this aim include:

  • Check your piping
  • Servicing your boiler
  • Updating smoke and CO2 alarms
  • Clearing gutters
  • Protecting furniture
  • Checking lighting
  • Spotting dead trees
  • Managing the heating
  • Researching security systems

For a more in depth insight in to the costs involved and uses for each of these points, it is recommended that you take a look at this infographic to learn all you need to know!


As well as all these important, and slightly more obvious points, don’t forget that you’ll also be needing the essentials to get you through the freezing temperatures. Make sure you have enough salt or grit for the driveway and nearby paths, as the last thing you’ll want is you and your family slipping over! As well as this, have spare bulbs at hand for outdoor lighting.

The winter months are a time for togetherness, and there is no reason as to why it should be full of stress and worry.

If you are prepared and check everything twice, you will be smooth-sailing right through till summer begins!

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