How to Have Designer Radiators in a Family Home

Every home needs working radiators to keep families feeling toasty and warm, especially with the colder months ahead.

Your home is always somewhere you want to have the best possible items for important jobs.

Many families will shy away from designer products, especially radiators, in homes where you’re more likely to have crayon art show up on the wall than designer prints.

That’s why some families will be put off buying designer radiators, regardless of talking about the price.

It’s something that is often misinterpreted and a designer radiator is something your family may actively want to seek out.

Why is that the case? Here are the benefits of opting for designer radiators in a family home:

Design and Placement

Design and placement is often a wholly undervalued and arguably the most beneficial aspect of designer radiators in family homes.

If you’re reading this in your house right now, there is a good chance you have a large radiator or towel rail that occupies a large space low on the wall.

You know that lifting a six-foot white panel radiator a few feet in the air would look slightly silly. 

That isn’t the case with designer radiators.

The diversity of designs allows you to play around with the size, shape and occupancy the radiator has. Instead of a white panel, you could opt for narrow vertical rails that take up less space and can hide away from idle little hands in the corner of the room.

You can think “out of the box” and get radiators above furniture or away from problem areas.

Speaking of problem areas, one of the biggest issues for families buying radiators often stems from where radiators are currently located.

Redecorating a bedroom into a nursery usually sees the radiator becoming a point of contention. Sometimes, cot and bed placement isn’t in the ideal space because there’s a radiator in the way.

So how can a family solve the problem?

Electric Designer Radiators and Dual-Fuel Radiators

Well, it starts by getting rid of your radiator or adapting it. 

Electric designer radiators and dual-fuel radiators  are radiators which are plugged in rather than connected by pipework, with radiators installed in the same way you’d look to have a TV hung on the wall.

It is surprising how useful this can be in the family home, especially if you’re a parent who is too easily worried about a child touching a hot radiator.

A small electric designer radiator can go anywhere you like.

And, with it working independently, you can have it programmed to come on around the same time you’re putting kids to bed, saving money on fuel.


Price is also a big reason why people are put off, or rather not eager, to buy a designer radiator for the home.

Here’s a little secret that radiator stores don’t openly advertise: A bit like needing to buy new clothes when kids grow out of them, radiator stores have seasonal stock.

That’s right; every few months, it is common for radiator brands to bring out new designs. You’d be surprised how competitive the market gets.

Why is this good for you? Well, it means you can get a new designer radiator for much less if you know when to shop.

Radiator season typically starts in September and runs through to March. The rest of the year is when demand is lowest, and that’s from May to July you’ll tend to see that designer radiators go down in price before the next season starts.

Unlike fashion though, no one is really going to notice the difference between a 2020 radiator and a 2019 model, so use that knowledge to your advantage and always look for radiators in the clearance section. 

Protection and Safety

There’s no point in buying a designer radiator for the home if you’re going to put a cover over it. You should shop around for pipe covers to pop on the radiator and see if the brand you want to buy has padded covers available.

They are typically made from a flexible fabric which you pull over the radiator and keep in place with Velcro (a good brand will make machine washable covers).

Not only will it help prevent any burns, but it will also act as a cushion for those inevitable tumbles.

If you’re keen to learn more about keeping your home safe for children, please visit the home section of the site, where we have articles covering everything from decorating a nursery to picking the perfect mattress for kids.

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