How to Organize Your Home With Baskets

Overhauling your home’s organizational system does not have to involve a lengthy renovation or costly shelving systems.

Sometimes the addition of some simple and beautiful baskets is all your home needs to cut the clutter and organize your belongings.

With so many to choose from, and so many uses, baskets are the perfect answer to organizing your home.

Types of Baskets

When it comes to basket styles, there is no shortage of choice.

Baskets are available in metal, wicker, canvas and burlap – to name a few materials. Choosing one depends both on the style you are going for and the purpose of the basket.

Organizing Your Home With Baskets


Use metal wire baskets to organize your recipe books, canned goods and produce. Wicker baskets are an eye-pleasing way to store easy-to-grab snacks for your little ones. You can also throw seasonings, teas and small appliances into baskets.

Keep things organized by placing chalkboard labels in the baskets.

Linen Closet

Mixing and matching basket styles is a visually pleasing way to organize your linen closet. Use a combination of wicker, cloth and metal baskets to store towels and bedding.


Baskets can be used on the back of your toilet, on the vanity or under the sink to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

Wire baskets have a clean and streamlined look and are more resistant to water and moisture than wicker or cloth. Use them to store toilet paper, facecloths, soaps and makeup.


Avoid clutter in your entryway by providing baskets for those items that are immediately tossed down when you walk in the door.

Use sturdy baskets to create cubbies for shoes, hats and gloves and smaller baskets to catch keys and mail.

Living Room

Make use of the space under your coffee table by placing large baskets to hold blankets, pillows and even your little one’s toys.

Smaller baskets on the coffee table are the perfect holding spot for those remotes that always seem to go missing.

Kids’ Rooms

Toys, books, puzzles – these can all be organized into baskets. Choose baskets made of sturdy and soft material  such as canvas, and place them on a shelf.

This makes it easier for your kiddos to access their toys as well as put them away.


You can eliminate the space a dresser takes up in your bedroom by strategically placing baskets in your closet.

Baskets can be used to store socks and undies and sideways-places baskets can hold folded shirts and pants.

Be sure to choose sturdy baskets such as those made of wicker or metal.

Hanging Baskets

To keep items out of reach of children and pets, you can hang baskets from the wall to store items. It’s also a great way to maximize on space in your home.

Reduce counter clutter in your bathroom by hanging baskets to hold facecloths, lotions and makeup. Hanging baskets in your kitchen can be a great way to store and display fresh produce.


A foot-by-foot basket is the perfect size to store papers and files. You can opt for a metal wire basket or a wicker basket lined with a sturdy material.

Clutter Control

Baskets can be used to execute clutter control over your entire household. Label a basket for each member of your family and place in one location  such as near the front door or stairs.

Anytime you do a quick tidy of your home, throw everyone’s belongings into their respective baskets. It is then their responsibility to put their stuff away.

How do you use baskets to organize your home? Let us know!

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