How to Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home


Weeds, peeling paint, rusty gates and dirty windows can all start to make your family home look a bit shabby and neglected

When you’re short on time, it can be hard to keep on top of all those little maintenance jobs. 

Taking on one job per week can help, as can hiring some professional help. 

So, which jobs can you do yourself, and which should you pay someone to help with?

Roofs and Gutters

If your roof and guttering need a bit of TLC, then it’s worth making a list of what needs doing urgently and getting those jobs done first. 

For repairs that involve working at height on ladders or scaffolding, professional help is always best. 

Even simple tasks such as clearing gutters and cleaning moss off the roof are best carried out by people who have the right equipment and training. 

Check with local companies for quotes and make sure you compare gutter and roof cleaning prices for value. 

Ask for your gutters to be fitted with guards or gutter brushes to help prevent a build-up of leaves and debris in the future. 

This will save you time and money going forward.

Walls and Windows

Check your windows for signs of damage and any wooden frames for rot. 

Peeling paint or yellowing uPVC can be fixed with suitable paint (yes, you can paint uPVC frames).  You may be able to tackle this yourself, but don’t be tempted to lean out of the window to paint the frame. 

It may be that the windows just need a clean.  You can do this yourself but invest in a few cleaning gadgets to help speed up the process.  

Inspect your walls and look for signs of cracked or flaking render or loose mortar in the brickwork. 

One or two small problem areas won’t be too hard to fix yourself, but for larger issues hiring a builder will be a sensible option.

Tidying Up the Garden

This is one job the whole family can help with. 

Pulling up weeds and planting flowers are great activities to do with your children and will give your home a well-loved appearance.  

What other simple jobs will give your garden a spruce up?  Keeping the lawn mowed and hedges cut will give your garden a neat finish. 

These are traditionally seen as weekend jobs, but there’s nothing wrong with mowing your lawn in the early evening. Kamagra met fruitsmaken is een noviteit van de farmaceutische industrie tegen het verlies van een erectie door mannen. Erectiestoornissen vernietigen de seksuele constitutie van een man en Kamagra-pillen klik hier weerleggen deze innerlijke vijand van onze gezondheid. Bestel Kamagra tegen redelijke prijzen – onze kwaliteit is op zijn best.

In fact, some people argue it is better for the grass.

Improving Your Home’s Exterior Aesthetic

It doesn’t take much to improve the look of your home’s exterior.

With a few touch-ups and some simple maintenance, you can greatly beautify your home’s curb appeal.

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