Cutting-Edge Kitchen Design Trends That Will Last Much Longer Than Just 2021

An ideal kitchen should be stylish, comfortable, and highly functional. Thanks to modern technologies and solutions, you won’t need to sacrifice any of these parameters for the sake of another.

In this article, you’ll find a list of cutting-edge kitchen trends that you might want to follow. Many of them promise to remain relevant not only in 2021 but for a few more years.

Palette Trends

White kitchens will never go out of style because of their genuine elegance and simplicity. A white room will never look dull and will always be full of light.

As soon as you want to add colorful accents, you can do it quickly and easily — for instance, install light fixtures or natural stone counters.

Plus, you can repaint white surfaces when you realize you’re a bit bored of minimalism.

All-black kitchens provide sleek and moody looks. They create a sense of drama and sophistication.

To provide a warmer and more homely feeling, you might add natural elements, such as a subway tile backsplash. White or colorful decor accents will also look very trendy.

Contrasting backsplashes look stunning with any type of kitchen, not only the black one. Contrasting countertops will also add charm to the room. It doesn’t matter which color they are as long as they are eye-catching.

One of the hottest colors for modern dining furniture is green. Some designers say that “it is the new neutral”. Green looks rich. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and sustainability. It reminds you of a forest and it effortlessly fits both classic and modern interiors.</p>

However, if you prefer the “true neutrals”, you can stick to muted and earthy colors: from white and ivory to taupe and grey. They look inviting and will hardly go out of fashion any time soon.

Materials Trends

The demand for vinyl flooring has been growing steadily in the past few years. Compared to laminate, vinyl looks more natural and serene.

Marble remains the epitome of everlasting elegance and beauty. Strong veining looks particularly amazing in a kitchen because it creates a stark contrast to many other furniture surrounding it, such as wood, metal-like faucets, and polished surfaces.

Marble and concrete look fabulous when paired with painted surfaces. You might not even need to buy new furniture — just repaint your old one and enjoy its refined finish.

Stainless steel looks modern and is incredibly long-lasting. It produces a particularly powerful aesthetic impression in a large kitchen.

As for the finishes, you should focus primarily on two types of materials: brass and wood. Brass provides a superb contrast to black, blue, green, and red colors.

You might consider buying brass handles, taps, locks, and tabletop linings. Wood finishes used to be a bit out of fashion in the last couple of seasons — but now, they are making a confident comeback. They will make your kitchen look serene and peaceful.

General Trends

The rustic style is one of the trendiest approaches to kitchen design today. It’s ideal for large rooms where it creates a sense of nature and peace as if walking through the countryside.

The essence of this style is neutral colors and natural elements, with a slightly weathered or torn feeling.

Kitchen islands might be a bit costly — but they will give the room a luxurious look. Most likely, such a double layout will remain fashionable for many years. Feel free to try it if your kitchen is large enough.

Thanks to pendant lighting, the room will look fancy and highly Instagrammable. Consider placing several lights of this type on the side of the range hood.

Handleless drawers and cabinets create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere in the room. They are incredibly convenient and perfect for multitasking. They are indispensable for kitchens with limited space. Last but not least, handleless furniture is usually very budget-friendly.

Wall-to-wall cabinets allow you to have all the necessary items within a hand’s reach. You might opt for open shelving, closed, or a combination of both. Again, such an approach is very efficient for smaller kitchen spaces.

People who cook regularly usually have a lot of appliances. Built-in drawers are the most convenient and very modern way of storing them.

If you put blenders, shakers, and so on in a drawer, you can reach them in one second and you’ll be proud of your kitchen’s ergonomics.

If the layout of your house or apartment permits, you might want to organize a pantry. That should make wall cupboards redundant. Your kitchen will always look fresh and neat because food and goods won’t stay scattered around.

There will be more air in your kitchen and you’ll be able to place pieces of art and other decor items on the walls.

Or, you might want to buy open shelves for your kitchen walls. While most of your food stocks will be stored in the pantry, you can style the shelves with the following items: decorative cookware, luxe gold utensils, cast-iron casserole dishes, handmade clay plates, colored glassware, and eye-catching appliances.

Larders for small kitchens can double up as home offices. If there is no larder in your house or apartment, you can create a multi-purpose “working kitchen”. Such a room should feature traditional food preparation areas and space for cooking.

But also, there should be an all-inclusive workstation where you can do office work and your kids can do homework. Such a kitchen should have one or more islands as well as a lot of low-level and full-height clever storage solutions. And this is definitely one of the hottest trends of 2021!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and gave you enough inspiration and food for thought.

In 2021, a stylish kitchen is a comfortable place that combines trendy looks with outstanding practicality. Its color palette should be most probably neutral — but bright accents and bold contrasts are always welcomed.

To create a highly functional kitchen, consider adding smart storage solutions and islands that will double as home office desks.

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