The Benefits of Moving Your Family to Smyrna, Delaware

Moving to a new location is very challenging, especially if you are doing it with your whole family. Apart from the logistical difficulties, there is also the case of whether or not you can adjust to your new home and locality.

Hence, before you move or choose to move, it is always wise to do a bit of research about the place you are moving to. That way, you can see if it meets your standards and requirements.

For this article, we will take a close look at Smyrna, Delaware, and let you decide whether or not you would like to move there.

To get an overall understanding of that place, we will check out the weather, neighborhood, education system, and tourist spots in Smyrna.

How is the Neighborhood?

Smyrna is a small town with a friendly neighborhood. The crime rate is relatively low (1.5 times less than the US average), and the number of vehicles on the streets is also quite less.

The town also has good schools and is also close to different colleges in the area. A low number of cars on the streets also means that children can safely ride their bikes around town.

Smyrna does lack a nightlife, however. The town seems pretty dead after 7 or 8 PM. Of course, that is the case with almost all small towns. Public transportation is also quite limited. So you might have trouble moving around without a car.

How is the Weather?

Smyrna has warm and humid summers. The temperature during this time is usually around 86 degrees. Winter in Smyrna is quite cold and windy. Temperatures vary from 26-30 degrees during this season.

The temperature, however, hardly goes below 14 degrees, or above 94. Besides, it is wet and mostly cloudy throughout the year in this small town.

Smyrna sees a lot of warm-weather activities. This starts in June, peaks during August, and ends somewhere around late September.

Of course, given how unpredictable the weather can be at times, keep close tabs on updates on the Smyrna hourly weather situations.

In case you are planning a day-long trip, it is always wise to use a weather forecast app. Getting the hourly forecast helps with your travel plans in this part of Delaware.

Are the Schools Any Good?

Smyrna schools can pay their students plenty of attention and care. Given the low population, they can dedicate a good amount of time to each individual.

Teachers within the town’s school district support their students in every way possible. On top of that, the schools also make sure that their students are actively participating in clubs and different activities.

Smyrna Middle School, Smyrna High School, North Smyrna Elementary School, and Sunnyside Elementary School are some of the most popular schools among the locals in Smyrna. While it may not be the best school district in the U.S., it is still quite decent.

Places to Visit

When people think about visiting tourist sites or attractions, they hardly want to check out the places around them. After all, where is the fun in wandering around the town or city you live in?

That being said, it is always good to have a few local tourist attractions, especially when you cannot leave your town or city.

This was something that was made clear to us during the peak times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thankfully, Smyrna has quite a few tourist attractions that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Firstly, there is Fort Delaware, a historic structure that was there to stop naval attacks and defend the city. The authorities have maintained it quite well, and it looks almost as good as new.

Then there is the Smyrna Opera House and the Henry Levin Center. Both locations are iconic and are known to host different events throughout the year.

In case you want something a bit more educational for your children, Smyrna has you covered there as well. There is the Museum of Business History and Technology, Johnson Victrola Museum, Rothschild Patent Model Collection, and the Smyrna Museum.

All these places have a lot to offer when it comes to knowledge and information about the town’s past.

Final Word

So there you go! These were some of the most common factors that help one decide whether or not to move into a new town with their family.

Take your time, analyze these facts, and then decide if you would like to make this small town in Delaware your new home.

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