5 Reasons You Should Get An Organic Pillowtop Mattress

The demand for biodegradable mattresses is rising as more people become aware of the value of embracing eco-friendly products.

Given that we spend a considerable portion of our day in bed, it helps to choose a mattress that delivers a comfortable sleep while ticking all other boxes.

This guide highlights reasons why you should invest in an organic pillow top mattress.

1. Organic Mattresses Prevent the Build-Up of Allergens

Most modern biodegradable mattresses incorporate naturally occurring materials such as cotton and fiber, making them easy to wash and maintain.

The use of natural repellants in their construction gives these mattresses superior protection against the build-up of pollen and other harmful allergens that cause breathing difficulties to users.

Most organic sleeping gears are vacuum cleaner friendly making it easy for homeowners to clean compared to commercially made mattresses.

2. Superior Back and Neck Support

Your body needs at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep to recharge fully after a hard day at work. With a traditional mattress, you can spend up to an hour tossing and turning as you try to find the correct posture to sleep comfortably.

An organic mattress solves this problem by adjusting to your body’s posture to provide the right balance and softness you need to drift away in your sleep.

This extra layer of support ensures you don’t wake up the next day with soreness and irritating neck and back pains.

3. Wear and Tear Resistance

Organic beddings, especially those made from wool and cotton, tend to handle the wear and tear better than sleeping gear made from synthetic materials.

The use of chemicals such as boric acid in traditional mattresses weakens the fiber attachments over time, thus lowering the quality of your mattress.

The solid build quality of organic mattresses ensures that homeowners get value for money and don’t have to replace their beddings frequently.

4. Organic Mattresses Are Safe for Toddlers

Extra care is necessary when choosing beddings for babies due to the delicate nature of their bodies. Mattresses that are too hard can bring discomfort and hamper development in young children.

Organic pillow top mattresses offer comfort and breathability, thus reducing the risk of bedtime suffocation and intoxication for toddlers.

According to Naturepedic, organic beddings tend to have better temperature regulation ability than conventional beddings leading to better sleep quality for your kids.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Another significant benefit of organic beddings lies in their ability not to cause harm to natural ecosystems. The materials used in organic beddings are easily broken down and leave no harmful residue, contributing to a safer and cleaner planet.

Furthermore, the wool and cotton used in organic beddings are produced using sustainable farming practices without causing harm to sheep during wool extraction.


A poor night of sleep can wear you down and lower productivity during daytime hours. Investing in an organic mattress erases all these doubts while still preserving our living environment.


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