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Humorous Look at Sex, Love, and Intimacy.

Intimacy and Love: Dave Barry helps us take a humorous look at gender opinions of love, sex, and intimacy.

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Humorous Look at Intimacy.

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Intimacy and Love: Men and women have gender differences with love, sex, and intimacy.

Almost all women want to be in love before having sex.

Almost all men think sex is an expression of love.

For women the relationship eventually includes sex. For men the relationship doesn’t really start until it includes sex.

Men and women even watch each other differently.

Think about it:

Men are open about watching a woman’s body,admiring it and looking it up and down.

Women look at men’s bodies, too, but they are usually more subtle.

Women look while pretending to look elsewhere.

Dave Barry writes for the Miami Herald. He gives a graphic and humorous description of women and men watching near nudity on Miami beaches.

Intimacy and Love: Now

Barry writes, "On my fact-finding trips to Miami-area beaches, I’ve noticed that the Europeans don’t seem to notice that they’re almost naked. But the Americans definitely do. American women are cool about it; they have developed the ability to look at things, such as a man’s Euro region, via a Stealth Glance technique, so that you never actually catch them doing it. (They use a similar technique for scratching.) American men, on the other hand, are as subtle as a dog with its nose in another dog’s butt. When an American man catches sight of a bosom, his head snaps toward it, his eyeballs lock onto it like missile radar, and a loud alarm goes off in his brain, similar to the one in the submarine movies that goes, "DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!’, except it goes "BOSOM! BOSOM! BOSOM!" As long as the man is within range of the bosom (12 miles) his head will remain pointed toward it and he will be unable to think about anything else…"

Thanks, Dave Barry. We needed that explanation!

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Definitions and realities are in order here.

1. Not all women are alike. Some women are more evolved than other women.

2. Not all men are alike. Some men are more evolved than other men.

3. Gender identity is the sense we have of belonging either to the male half of the human race or the female half of the race.

4. Gender conceit is when either sex assumes that what is natural and preferred for her/his sex is correct for both sexes.

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