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Love, Intimacy, Sex Ask for Communication Between Lovers.

Intimacy, Sex, and Love: Slippery words and acts that require communication between lovers.

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Intimate Lovers: Love & Intimacy

Love, Intimacy, Sex Ask for Communication.

Pat McChristie

Intimacy and Love grow faster and sex is better when lovers communicate.

Love is a slippery word. We are never quite certain what it means tosomeone else.

Intimacy is a slippery word. What does intimacy mean to your partner? Whatmakes him/her have intimate feelings about you?

Sex is a slippery word also. Again, we are not quite certainwhat sex means to someone else–what they enjoy or what they merely abide tomake us happy as a partner.We do know sex itself should be a slippery act. Sex shouldbe wet to be most enjoyable.

Intimacy might grow faster if partners communicate about these slipperywords and acts.

Probably more communication than, "Was it good for you?" is in order here.

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