Set Stage Intimate Lovers

Setting the Stage for Intimate Lovers.

Intimacy and Love: Setting the stage for intimacy between lovers.

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Intimate Lovers: Love & Intimacy

Setting the Stage for Intimate Lovers.

Pat McChristie

Intimacy and Love: Set the stage for intimacy with your lover.

Setting the stage for intimate love builds to a passionate and amorouscrescendo. It is alluring your partner with romantic gestures, of course, butalso during everyday events like lunch or everyday errands.

Notes or Cards: Keep a private stash ofromantic cards. When you are the first one out of the house in the morning leaveone pillowside describing an intimate ending to the day.

Private Phone Conversations: You callyour partner at work. After making certain he/she is private, describe what lovepotion you will have waiting at the end of the day. Happy hour suddenly has anew meaning.

The Love Whisper: You are shopping oreven standing in line at Six Flags with the kids. In a brief whisper youdescribe a romantic love event to end the outing. Eyes meet; lips smile. Lateryour lover whispers his/her idea for concluding the outing. What a wonderful finaleto a potentially hectic day.

Camping in the Woods: Holding hands youleave your campsite. You enter a path through the woods. You walk. Your partnermurmurs a sweet finale for the walk. You walk further. You add to his/herfinale. This continues throughout the walk. Tents rock.

Sensual or Exotic Dancing: You don’tneed a pole in your bedroom to start an intimate evening with exotic dancing.Everyday women are using exoticdancing to add excitement to their love life.

Sensual Massage: Learn to give andreceive sensual massage, complete with candles, soft music, and sensuous oil.This is the ultimate beginning for intimate and romantic endings.

Intimacy and Love

Shopping for Love: Buy some item thatsays love to you and your lover. Add some chocolate syrup to the basket for lovepainting; pick up your favorite form of lubricant; add candles and a wink. Youknow what says love for the two of you!

Shower by Candlelight: Your partner isin the shower. You set the stage in the bedroom then light candles in thebathroom. After the candles are lit, turn off the lights and join yourpartner.

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