Weekly tips for staying in touch for non-custody parents and grandparents.

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Tips for
Staying in Touch

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Grandparents, non-custody parents, doting aunts and uncles keep in touch with children via these monthly tips. There are several each month, covering younger kids and older ones!!

Subscribe to a magazine twice. Once for you and once for your child or grandchild. Then discuss the magazine on a regular basis. Common interests are built and it is an excellent way to see what he or she enjoys most.

Buy a book. Record the book and send the book and the cassette to your children or grandchildren. At the end of each chapter include some questions and observations to help them get the most from the recording.
Your young children or grandchildren were probably easier to stay in touch with. For older kids and teenagers, try science experiments, more complicated crafts, and even a little money from time to time.


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