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Kids Toys: Loving Family Sweet Sounds Dollhouse

Kids toys: Review of  Loving Family Sweet Sounds Dollhouse

Kids Toys: Review from CyberParent

Loving Family Sweet Sounds Dollhouse

This dollhouse seems to be the perfect one. It comes with some furniture and dolls but has extensive furniture and family dolls to purchase separately. It is fun to add to this system for years. 

This home contains: 1 kitchen chair, high chair, love seat, cradle, toy box, rocking chair, cat, tape recorder and baby swing. 

You can fully furnish each room.

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This delightfully decorated Victorian-era dollhouse even talks: Mom, dad and little girl in the kitchen, nursery and playroom. Also the cat and tape recorder will all have sound. The sounds are for older children as dolls have to be positioned correctly for sound to work. In my opinion, it is better to let your child have imagined play, though, as much as possible. With or without sounds, this is the best!

Furniture, accessories and additional dolls are available. You can furnish your child’s home one room at a time as gifts for years to come or furnish quickly with gift sets.

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Oh, to be a little girl again and have this wonderful doll house!!

Larger and more illustrations here, including other dolls and furniture.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 years and up. CyberParent suggests 3 years to 7 years.

3 C batteries required.

WARNING: Some pieces are small which could cause choking. 

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