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High-Energy, Fun, Interactive Kids/Adult Games.

Kids board gamethat burns energy butdoes not require parental involvement or reading to play. This game can beplayed indoors, stores easily, and is fun for all ages.

Board Game from Cranium: Game Review from CyberParent


Now this is a game!

If you can imagine a combination of Simon Says and Twister, played withendless laughing, high-fives, variations, funky music, and fun, you can justbegin to imagine Hullabaloo. This game:

  • Requires physical activity and burns energy!
  • Is durable, durable!! Durable enough to play outside.
  • Allows one kid to play alone, or many kids and adults, even grandparents, canplay.
  • All instructions are verbal with no reading required.
  • Has winners as more random than skill so everyone gets to win–even the 2-year old.
  • Is fast–each game only lasts a minute or two.
  • Builds in hundreds, maybe thousands, of automatic game variations.
  • Promotes cooperation.
  • Does not need parental involvement. Kids can set up, start, and continuethe game alone.
  • Stores in a small space in its own box.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries.

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Rainy day, snowy day, sunny day FUN!

Does it sound like a neighborhood free-for-all in your family room!?! It could be except forthe fact that kids must listen to the Hullabaloo announcer to play. Theystay focused because when they don’t, they can’t hear the next instruction.

How to Play: Lay the Hullabaloo pads on the floor about two ‘kid’s feet’apart. Turn on the game console. A clear voice gives the simple directionsnecessary for play such as “Jump on a square shape,” “Hop to a shape with an animal onit." or "Walk in slow motion to a triangle." Instructions alsoinclude freezing, giving high-fives, touching a body part, or putting one body part on onepad with a different body part on another pad. If you are even touching a particular pad at the end of that round, you are the winner.Winners get to sing, dance, bow, and act crazy. Kids control how long they playby pushing a button for more rounds.

Space required: Space in front of a love seat or around a coffee table isthe minimum required for Hullabaloo. On a pretty day, it can be playedoutside, although it’s real beauty is to burn energy indoors on bad weather days.

Pads are thick and stick to flooring.

Awards: Hullabaloo won the 2003 Toy Industry Association Game of the Year award, which recognizes the most innovative, interactive, and playful game of the year.

Included: Hullabaloo comes complete with a Hullabaloo talking audio console* and 16 colorful play pads.

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Educational? Certainly for the younger child as it teaches shapes,colors, musical instruments, animals, and foods. It is also excellent for trainingchildren to follow directions and think in "steps." But most of all,this game is fun.

I don’t think you can possibly go wrong buying Hullabaloo.

Larger illustrations here.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 4 years and up.

CyberParent suggests 3years to 6 years.

Game-Puzzle Review by Donna Green: Copyright © 2004 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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