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Kids toys and action figures: Review ofRescue Heroes with animals

Kids Toys from Fisher Price: Rescue Heroes. Review from CyberParent

Rescue Heroes:Reviews of Action Figures with Animals Rescue figures with animals are particularly attractive to children who have or are fond of animals themselves. Al Pine with Arctic Tracker and his dog sled team, Snow and Winter, cover many miles of snowy mountains to track down snowbound skiers or climbers. While Al’s amazing Arctic Tracker starts out as a state-of-the-art dog sled, it easily converts to two vehicles: a snowmobile and rescue sled! So the dogs can transport victims to safety on the rescue sled while Al rides along on the snowmobile. This one is best for older children as it is somewhat fragile.

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When there’s danger or disaster at the arctic peaks or on the polar ice caps, Al Pine and his canine partner Wind Chill brave blizzards and blasting winds to bring help and rescue. Wind Chill is equipped with a special rescue sled that kids can safely deploy to carry lost and frostbitten cold victims to safety. Al and Wind Chill patrol the snowy tundra and icy windswept mountains to bring back lost and injured skiers and climbers.

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Val Cano & Fang -With dozens of active volcanoes around the world, danger can erupt at any time. That’s when the Rescue Heroes Lava Squad moves in to make rescues and save lives. In the confusion and panic of a volcano emergency, finding the lost and missing is a big part of the job. And no one does it better than Val Cano and his rescue dog Fang. This quick response team is trained to track and bring back volcano victims or rescue those in danger of lava flows.

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Buy this figure Billy Blazes and Smokey come to the rescue when fire breaks out and sweeps through buildings and towns. Billy Blazes and his brave buddy Smokey charge through the smoke and flames to save lives and carry fire victims to safety. Smokey the firedog is equipped with a water cannon (kids can safely deploy) that shoots out a water blob to quell the raging flames. Smokey also carries a fire axe Billy can use to clear a path to rescues.

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Buy this figure Swoops: Soaring symbol of independence and freedom, this proud eagle also means hope and rescue for stranded mountain climbers and help for Rescue Heroes trapped by avalanches or forest fires. With his sharp eagle eyes, he can spot people in trouble from miles away. He circles high in the sky, swoops down with his backpack harness to snatch up lost or injured victims and tired rescuers. Then he flies them to safety. Kids can help make daring rescues by pushing the button that opens and closes his powerful talons.

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Buy this figure Most Rescue Heroes are good for children 3-8 if attention is paid to small parts.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Some Rescue Heroes have small parts.In some Rescue Heroes projectiles are supplied with the toy. Make certain your child understands not to launch them at point-blank range and not to launch them at people or animals.

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