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Rescue Heroes are all about helping others. As such, they have a very positive message for any child. Yet, to say buying Rescue Heroes can be confusing is probably the understatement of all time. Since these wonderful and educational Rescue Heroes are loved by children, a CyberParents review has grouped these toys to make it easier for you to understand these excellent action gifts for kids. 

Where to start? Our recommendation is to start with a playset and then add appropriate figures to the playset. A book or video to go with the playset is also nice for quiet time. The firetruck makes a great addition for most kids.

In time, you may want to buy your child another playset or two–and even add a playset at Grandma’s house or Aunt Lisa’s apartment.  They are that popular and that educational for your kids!

Not Recommended: Swamp Skimmer and Mission Select M.A.C.C. are too fragile for CyberParent to recommend. Al Pine with Arctic Tracker and Perry Chute and Hang Glider have one fragile part. They are better for kids who are very careful with toys or older children. At this time we do not recommend the robotz figures. There are so many other action figrues to choose from that the robotz figures do not seem to be worth the extra money.

Most Rescue Heroes are good for children 3-8 if attention is paid to small parts. 

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Some Rescue Heroes have small parts. In some Rescue Heroes projectiles are  supplied with the toy. Make certain your child understands not to launch them at point-blank range and not to launch them at people or animals. 

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