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Kids Toys: Baby Annabell Realistic Baby Doll

Baby Annabell is a realsitic sound andmotions sensitive baby doll that is tops in kids toys.

Kids Toys from Zapf: Review from CyberParent

Baby Annabell

Thisrealistic baby doll is sound and motion sensitive. Baby Annabell:

  • Babbles.
  • Gurgles.
  • Giggles.
  • Cries.
  • Yawns.
  • Burps.
  • Snores.
  • Closes her eyes.
  • Sucks with realistic mouth movement.
  • Wakes easily.

Baby Annabell comes with her own hat, bottle, pacifier and a rattler that fits her as a toy bracelet.

Annabell does not have a cloth body. Her body is much more realistic than a cloth one, however, but children (and moms) who are used to cuddling baby dolls with a cloth body may not find Baby Annabell quite as cuddly. Actually, Mom is more likely to notice this than a child.

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Buy this doll

Other features include:

  • A bottle which actually drains as she drinks.

  • A realistic sounding voice.

  • Quickly changing from crying to laughing.

  • A theme of a lamb.

  • A burping noise when her tummy is rubbed; it is very cute.

  • A sucking noise and motion which are surprisingly realistic.

  • Four AA batteries required.

  • A pacifier which comes with a clip.

Baby Annabell is so realistic that she can even "annoy" an impatient little mommy from time to time. Fortunately, when that happens, mommy can take a break by turning her off.

Many accessories exist for Baby Annabel although they are certainly not necessary to have fun with the doll.

Extra clothes are nice, though.

Although some infant clothing is appropriate for Baby Annabel, her neck is so large that the garment’s neck must stretch quite a bit to fit her.

The three accessories that CyberParent recommends for the youngest little mommy include:

Baby Annabell’s Infant Cozy: Perfect for Annabell with room to spare for her diaper, pacifier, and rattler. The cozy opens and closes with velcro–easier for small hands.

Baby Annabell’s Underwear Set: Best-dressed baby with a cotton shirt, diaper, and cotton bloomers. This clothing set will be the easiest for a young child to manipulate.

Baby Annabell’s Pajamas and Nightlight Set: Pink pajamas snap closed. Nightlight is a real plus. It does require 2 AA batteries.

An older mommy will also appreciate more clothing such as:

Baby Annabell’s New Arrival Set: Includes a terry cloth romper with blouse, a jacket with hood, and a bib.

Baby Annabell’s Lavender Dress: Jumper dress with blouse. Bows on pocket match blouse. Pink rompers.

Baby Annabell’s Romper Set: Sweet long-legged romper set with jacket and cap.

Buy Annabell’s cozy

Buy Annabell’s underwear set Buy Annabell’s PJs and nightlight

Buy Annabell’s new arrival set Buy Annabell’s dress Buy Annabell’s rompers

All accessories that CyberParent has seen feature the doll’s signature lamb.

This cute baby doll with her adorable face, realistic motions, sweet baby sounds, and precious clothing will easily win any little girl’s heart.

Larger illustrations of doll here. Larger illustrations of accessories here.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 years and up

Doll lovers of all ages are fascinated by Baby Annabell. However, a child from 2 to 8 will probably most enjoy this baby doll.

Please note that items ordered online are often (but not always) shipped in a sturdy corrugated box rather than an "in-store" display box. This is to protect the item during shipping.

Kids Toy Review by Donna Green: Copyright © 2004 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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Buy this doll

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