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Parents and Parenting: Many things make toys and games work for your kids.

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What Makes a Toy Work for Kids

Jan Wilson

What makes toys and games work for your child?

A baby is learning about the environment. He is developing his senses of sight, touch, sound, taste and smell.

So what does a baby need in the way of toys?

1. Soft balls and rattles with hand grips. They develop the very basic skills of reaching and grasping.

2. Mobiles are great when they are visually appealing and make tinkling and nice sounds/

3. Activity gyms above baby help with eye focusing and can later be kicked and swatted.

A toddler has increasing curiosity and the co-ordination and mobility to engage that curiosity. What kind of toys does a toddler need for development:

1. Simple stacking toys.

2. Simple toys that allow shapes to fit in a hole.

3. Fill it up and dump it out like sand toys or dump trucks.

4. Buttons and levers.

5. Water toys of all kinds. Children of all ages act out. It helps them understand the world and helps prepare them for adult roles.

What toys help children act out?

1. Dress up clothes and costumes.

2. Dolls

3. Building sets geared to the age of the child. 4. Kitchen sets and tea parties. Although most toys and play develop imagination, different arts and crafts kits or science kits encourage experimentation. Or just assemble a crafts box, a drawing box, a science box, etc., for your child.

Games and puzzles are quite the teachers. Games teach

1. Competition

2. co-operation

3. Rules

4. Strategy

5. Sportsmanship.

6. Winning is possible and sweet but losing must be lived with, too.

Puzzles teach

1. Dexterity

2. Concentration

3. Logical thinking

4. Trial and error

5. Perception of color, shape, size, and form.

More information about toys and games.

Educators say puzzles are even reading preparation for your child.

Additional information about toys

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