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Kids Toys: Play Tunnels, Tents, Cubes, Balls, and Hoop

Kids pop-up toys configures in differentways; entertains a group or alone; folds up easily to store.

Kids Toys from PlayHut: Review from CyberParent

Megaland Pop-Up Playset: Play Tents, Tunnels, Balls, and Hoop

Use this versatile toy for:

  • Rainy/cold days.
  • Boring days.
  • One or several friends over.
  • Small parties or picnics.
  • Entertainment alone.
  • Ball play with clean balls.

Other features of Megaland Playset:

  • Pops up quickly.
  • Durable with anchors to stabalize.
  • Stores in a very small place–even behind or under the couch.
  • Has many ways to arrange the components.
  • Built-in basketball goal adds another play dimension.

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You do not have to set the entire toy up at once; you can have different pieces in different rooms.The different components can be rearranged in numerous ways by changing simplevelcro attachments.

The netting allows kids to see out and when you wish, you to seein.

This is one of those "limited-only-by-the-imagination" toys. Itcan be anything your child creates mentally from Cinderella’s castle to a fortto a train. Most children will play in Megaland for hours.

It also serves as a great nap spot.

CyberParent does suggest an extra box of 100 balls as the 50 ballsprovided barely cover the floor. An extra tunnel or two might be nice in thefuture. Try Megaland first and see.

Includes 1 large hut with basket, 1 medium hut, 1 small block, 2 tunnels, 50 colorful balls, and 2 carrying bags.

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1. Pay attention to all PlayHut toys when you first unfold them. It makesthem easier to fold back up. We had a little trouble with the first one, butcaught on quickly.

2. The steel loops are quite strong and will pop up forcefully. Do not leta young child set this up.

3. Although the products are fire resistant, the applicationof any foreign substance to this product may render the flame resistantproperties ineffective.

4. Realize that these toys are not fireproof. The fabric will burn if left in continuous contact with any flamesource. What parent would leave a toy in continuous contact with a flame source?Probably not many but we have to say that…

5. Clear the floor or ground of sharp objects before placing the toy onit.

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Larger illustrations here.

This is a toy with virtually unlimited potential. Take it (or parts of it) with you anytime you want your child to be entertained, even to a company picnic or a family reunion.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3- 7 years.

Although the suggested age is 3 years of age, there is no reason why anybaby who can crawl will not use this toy now, then enjoy it for years–with adult supervision, of course.

While anadult will fit here, the average 5 or 6 year old might begin to find thisconfining. It does not mean they will stop using it, though.

Kids Toy Review by Donna Green: Copyright © 2004 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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