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Kids Toys: Big Yellow Pop-Up Bus Toy

Kids toys: Big yellow bus can be astagecoach, fire truck, or anything your child can imagine–even a puppettheater.

Kids Toys from PlayHut: Review from CyberParent

Twist ‘N Fold Big Yellow Bus

Use this versatile toy for:

  • Rainy/cold days.
  • Boring days.
  • One or several friends over.
  • Small parties or picnics.
  • Entertainment alone.

This toy is not limited to a yellow school bus. It can be a stagecoach, a fire truck, a playhouse, and more. It is another one of those"limited-only-by-the-imagination" toys.

Pop-up toy is approximately 38" tall, 55″ long, and 25″ wide. It isNOT 50" tall.

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Other features of Megaland Playset:

  • Pops up quickly.
  • Reasonably durable.
  • Stores in a very small place–even behind or under the couch.
  • Set up a chair for the driver.
  • Built-in steering wheel turns.
  • Children can set up chairs and move about inside.
  • Crawl-thru adds to fun.

The netting and open areas allow kids to see out and when you wish, youto see in. It can also be a puppet stage.

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1. Pay attention to all PlayHut toys when you first unfold them. Itmakes them easier to fold back up. We had a little trouble with the first one,but caught on quickly.

2. The steel loops are quite strong and will pop up forcefully. Donot let a young child set this up.

3. Although the products are fire resistant, the application of any foreign substance to this product may render the flame resistant properties ineffective.

4. Realize that these toys are not fireproof. The fabric will burn if left in continuous contact with any flamesource. What parent would leave a toy in continuous contact with a flame source?Probably not many but we have to say that…

5. Clear the floor or ground of sharp objects before placing the toy onit.

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Larger illustrations here.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 years and up.

Children much younger than 3 will really enjoy the bus. CyberParent doesnot recommend buying the bus for a child over 6, however.

Kids Toy Review by Donna Green: Copyright © 2004 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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