3 Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Children’s Bedroom

Your children’s bedroom is a place for them to sleep, work, and play.

It’s here where they can be imaginative and creative, which means their bedrooms should reflect their bright and cheerful personalities.

From building forts made out of sheets to playing games and reading, your children’s bedroom isn’t the typical room.

That means you need to release your inner child when it comes time to decorate and upgrade their room.

Below, we’ll go over three stylish ways you can turn your little one’s bedroom into their favorite room in the house.

1. Matching Furniture

Furniture makes up a majority of the room, which means they should match to create a cohesive and uniform look.

Shopping from furniture collections, such as the Liberty Furniture or Hooker Furniture collections, for example, is a great way to start.

You’ll be able to mix and match different pieces that have the same style and design. Some popular furniture pieces every kid’s bedroom should have include:

  • A kids bunk bed equipped with storage space and an extra bed for their BFF to sleep when they come over for a sleepover
  • A trunk or chest to place at the end of the bed for your child to store all of their favorite games, toys, and other items
  • A kids mirror to create their own little vanity that they can look at in the morning when getting ready for school or for trying out new outfit choices
  • A rocking chair for the corner of the room so you can read to your kids before they fall asleep and get some shuteye
  • A bookshelf that neatly stores all of their favorite fiction novels and nonfiction books, along with photos, knickknacks, and other memorabilia

As you shop for matching furniture, bring your kids along!

They’re the ones going to spend most of the time in their room, so it’s important they feel like their voices are heard when it comes to the design of their room.

Keeping your kids at the heart of your home can help build strong family bonds and create a safe space for them to learn and grow.

2. Wall Art

Wall art can have a significant impact on your child’s development and the mood of the room.

Placing decorative and informative wall art throughout your child’s bedroom can help them learn and retain new information, even subconsciously.

For example, hanging a framed world map on the wall can help spark interest in various countries across the globe.

Or, if they’re into science, place a print of the periodic table on the wall. Other wall art ideas include:

  • Photos of friends and family to instill a sense of belonging
  • Poster of different types of animals, trees, leaves, etc. to open up the world around them
  • Images of space and different planets to show them just how big the universe is
  • Art from renowned artists to inspire creativity


There are countless ideas when it comes to picking out wall art for your children’s bedroom.

Make sure to keep their interests in mind and to show them they can grow up and be whoever they want to be.

Another home decor idea you can do with your kids is having them create their own wall art and framing it to place on their bedroom’s walls.

3. Workstation

To foster your child’s growth, consider designating a corner of their bedroom as a workstation.

To create the ultimate workstation for your child’s bedroom, find a child-sized desk and chair that they can sit comfortably in.

Once you have a desk and chair picked out, complete their workstation with the following items:

Creating a comfortable and stylish workstation is a great way to motivate your child to be creative, express themselves, improve their study skills, and be motivated to do their homework.

Wrapping Up

Creating a dream bedroom for your children is a rewarding experience. It’s a great way to show them how much you care about them and want them to feel comfortable and right at home.

There are many ways you can upgrade your children’s bedroom.

From investing in matching furniture and hanging up wall art to creating their very own workstation, these simple tips will bring a bright smile to their face.

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