32 Simple and Amazing Science Experiments for Kids

The world of science has lots of experiments that your children would love and enjoy!

These experiments are essential in helping your kids gain untaught skills, ideas and knowledge. It is a perfect way of engaging them in educational matters.

Whether you are preparing them for academic success, no matter if they will be required to participate in science classes or write essays, experiments are just a way of learning that helps children recollect what they learn in class.

Here are some simple and amazing science experiments you can try out with your children:

Science Experiments for Kids

  • Grow rock candy in a glass, which helps in learning the crystallization process.
  • Pour vegetable oil into the water to make a lava lamp – add an Alka-seltzer tablet to ensure the oil blob moves.
  • Glue with Borax to make homemade slime.
  • Blow bubbles when temperatures are too low. The bubbles then freeze.
  • Make invisible ink with lemon juice.
  • Make a walking rainbow using water and food coloring.
  • The soap and pepper experiment.
  • Make marshmallow catapults from a rubber band, popsicle sticks, and plastic spoon.
  • Make a light parachute toy using a cup and plastic bag.
  • Add white flowers into colored water. The white flowers then soak up the hues.
  • Prepare a beautiful and natural fizzy reaction using a food coloring drop and some baking soda on a sliced lemon.
  • Prepare personal butter by shaking a container of heavy cream.
  • Prepare homemade ice cream using ice, shake salt and other everyday essentials.
  • Add oil to water to ensure they don’t mix.
  • Make suction using heat then forcing an egg to fit in the bottle.
  • Add salt to the water to change the sinking and floating of an egg.
  • Convert milk into a plastic-reactive material using white vinegar.
  • Determine the environment in which yeast thrives by preparing a batch of bread dough into separate bowls under different conditions.
  • Use bread as a suitable environment for growing molds. The food should be put in different light backgrounds to identify the bread on which mold grows faster.
  • Let the kids close their eyes just to utilize the sense of taste. Hold their nose too, and let them identify the foods they taste.
  • Prepare ricotta cheese with some science incorporated.
  • Dissolve an eggshell with vinegar.
  • Determine the fat content of different foods just through a piece of a brown paper bag.
  • Grow beans in a clear cup and observe the growth directions for both the stem and roots.
  • Prepare a row of bottles with varying amounts of liquid. Blow across the bottlenecks to hear the different tones and pitch.
  • Halve ice using a fishing wire.
  • Tornado in the bottle! You can always achieve this by tapping the necks of two containers together. One bottle should be full of some fluid and the other empty.
  • Make a solar out of a pizza box by harnessing the power of sunlight. After that, you can always prepare and roast delicacies for your family.
  • Just with a few ingredients such as glitter, vinegar, and baking soda, you can make a volcano in the kitchen.
  • Prepare an explosive reaction by mixing Mentos and Diet Coke. Don’t stay closer, stand back!
  • Inflate a balloon on a soda bottle through pop rocks.
  • Explore cleaning solutions and keep your coins shiny.


There are many educational experiments your kid can rely on and learn much from them.

However, let them be careful at all times since some tests can be dangerous, explosive, and can result in unexpected injury.

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