6 Fun Arts and Crafts Ideas to Do With Kids

Having fun with your child is very important for their healthy development. One way you can do this is by spending time with them while doing arts and crafts.

With there being countless ideas to choose from, however, it can be daunting to pick the right ones.

To help in this regard, there are six of the most worthwhile listed below. 

What these arts and crafts suggestions have to offer involves all-around fun for you and the kids. At the same time, they will also teach children about different subjects and values.

Best of all, these suggestions are accessible and don’t require special preparations. As such, you can do them at any time while you are at home or somewhere else. 

1. Friendship Bracelets

Few other arts and craft ideas are as iconic and as memorable as the friendship bracelet. This is an accessory that is made with the specific intention of giving it to a specific person.

It will then act as a symbol of trust, love, and acceptance between two or more people.

Kids go nuts over stuff like that, so why not make this your first project with your kid?

You can be the first one to exchange bracelets with your child, which should feel nice.

You can then teach your child to include more intricate and personalized details. This can include names, initials, locks of hair, favorite colors, and more.

Some friendship bracelets even go so far as to include photos of the friends exchanging them.

2. Paper Maché

Here’s a messy, sticky, and fun arts and crafts idea that has been around for decades and for good reason.

Paper maché can be made into anything, including bowls, plates, masks, and even volcanos.

As long as you have enough paper, water, glue, and paint, there is nothing that you can’t create. 

This is also a great opportunity for you and your kids to actually express your artistic sensibilities.

If you are able to create a mask, for example, it could be a copy of your face or that of your child. This would then bring a certain level of novelty to the experience, which the whole family can enjoy.

If nothing else, your child should find it easy to use paper maché to create whatever they want.

3. Thumbprint Family Tree 

Family trees can be made from anything, made to look like anything, and represent a lot of things.

You can often use things like photos, personal items, or even teeth, even though it is creepy.

However, in the case of this arts and craft project with your child, you can stick with thumbprints. It should then be surrounded by colorful, beautiful scripts and artwork. 

The great thing about thumbprint family trees is that it can be both fun and meaningful. You can teach your child all about the people in their lives in a way they can easily understand

 More importantly, this will also allow you to reconnect with more distant loved ones. It is recommended that you do this project right before a reunion or gathering of family members. 

4. Finger Painting

Kids love to make a mess, which is why finger painting is often considered a classic kid favorite. It allows them to make a ton of great artwork while also giving them the chance to mess around.

By the end of it, their hands, arms, and even faces would be smeared with colors and smiles. This is a good thing and is exactly what you are looking for.

Showing your child a great time by painting landscapes, animals, and people with your fingers is as fun as they come. It’s a great way to really get down to the level of your child in a way they will understand.

At the same time, it’s also a great chance for you to show them that you care. How else will you know what the blob of colors they are making is supposed to be?

5. Watercolor Starter

Similar to finger painting, watercolor is a great way to express artistic talents for your child.

In fact, this is a great place to start before moving on to oil or acrylic. You definitely don’t want to jump ahead in this queue even if your child has shown talent in the arts.

By starting them off with watercolor, you will incur less expenses and have less messes. 

You could also create literal water color by mixing various colored oils and solutions with water.

You then put that mixture in containers like 350ml Clear Glass Milk Bottles to be put up for display.

If you have lighting platforms, this would be even better since they can work as improvised lava lamps!

6. Personalized Bookmarks

If your child likes books, they may appreciate a personalized bookmark that you will then exchange with each other. You make one that you will give to your kid while your child makes one for you.

This is an excellent practice of thoughtfulness between parent and child through art and creativity. 

You definitely want to focus on your child’s favorite books and characters when you are making their bookmark.

This is meant to not only reinforce their love of reading but to remind them of its joys.

Seeing their beloved scenes come to life in the form of a bookmark would be quite an interesting experience, as well. 


Doing arts and crafts with your child is an important experience for their healthy development. Moreover, you will be able to grow closer to them while also nurturing their creativity.

You can help your child create wonderful artwork and memorabilia that they can keep with them for a long time.

In exchange, they will have wonderful memories of you!

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