Alternatives Three


Make up two alternative stories aboutthe pictures below. You can print this page, then write on the page you printed or use aseparate sheet of paper. If you can not write every word yet, have someone older help you.

Story #1

Story #2 If you run out of space, print page again-or-use a separate sheet of paper to finish.

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Submit your stories to Kidsdo. We will publish afew.

Mail to Kidsdo, P O Box 610207, Dallas, TX75261. Entries will not be returned so please send a copy. Include child’s name orinitials, whichever makes you comfortable, his or her age, and a state or country, please.If you include an email address and a first name, we will send each child a thank youemail. Decision of judges is final.

Remember to come back next week: we will have moreabout alternatives. We will be looking at alternatives for one more week.

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