Bean Counter: A Game Bean Counter What professional person is called a bean counter?

Directions fortwo to four players

You will need to assemble:

  • One pencil
  • One piece of paper
  • 1 die
  • Small beans
  • Large beans

Each player gets nine large beans and ten small beans.Each large bean counts as ten small beans.

One player acts as banker or head bean counter. In caseof dispute over the banker’s role, roll the die. Top roll wins. In case of tie, rollagain.

The banker’s purpose is to give players ten small beansin exchange for one large bean when that is needed. The banker also keeps a tally of howmany turns each player has taken.

The goal is to come as close as possible to having nobeans without actually running out of beans.

A game consists of seven turns for each player.

Each player takes a turn rolling the die. The playerlooks at the die and has two choices. He/she can give the banker the number of small beanson the die, or the number of large beans on the die.

The game continues until each player has had seven turnsor has no more beans and is out.

After seven turns, the players who are not out, trade anylarge beans they have left with the banker for ten small beans. The person with the leastnumber of small beans wins.

The winner is the next banker or head bean counter.

Example: if you roll , you would give thebanker six large beans or six small beans.

However, if you rolled , you would only give the banker one large beanor one small bean.

Remember, the object is to get as close to no small beans as possible but youmust trade each large bean for a ten small beans at the end of the seven turns.

What else could you use for this game instead of large beans and small beans?

An accountant is sometimes called a bean counter.

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