3 Underrated Communication Apps for Students

Humans are social creatures and the need to interact and communicate with other people is crucial.

That is even more relevant now when everyone is locked down in their homes due to the global pandemic. Almost all students around the world now study online via voice and video chat applications.

But the pandemic didn’t force only students to stay home. Basically, anyone who doesn’t want to catch a virus tries to limit their social interactions that require physical presence.

In most countries, it is even enforced by law. Needless to say, this global situation has also had a huge impact on economics.

Many companies have shut down due to bankruptcy while others switched to remote format. Of course, many workers such as professional writers or graphic designers weren’t affected much.

But still, the need to communicate both casually and professionally remains.

And while everyone uses the most popular apps for communication, we suggest looking into this list of underrated apps. – because they will certainly grab your attention once you’ve checked them out!

1. Discord

Initially developed as a better analog of TeamSpeak and Skype, Discord is probably the best app for online voice and video calls. Its interface and concept could remind you of TeamSpeak if you’re familiar with it.

You should definitely check it out yourself, as it’s absolutely worth it.

The interface consists of 4 main things:

  • Servers – they are what you expect them to be. Anybody can create a server for free and invite any users. A server in Discord is like a foundation for a chat room, where channels are created and users are gathered.
  • Channels – there are 2 types of channels administrators of servers can create
  • Text channels – a regular chat room where people communicate via text messages
  • Voice channels – they allow you to talk to any users in the same voice channel as you. The amount of users is unlimited. And of course, video chatting is available, along with the screen share option.
  • User list – a list of all users on the server, sorted by their roles (that can be assigned by administrators), online and offline status.
  • Buttons – disconnect, mute, deafen, and such. They provide control over the microphone, camera, etc.

It may seem inconvenient or complex, but in reality, it isn’t. The comfortable interface was the first reason it became popular among research paper writers and gamers.

However, this app has many surprises for you. For example, it has multiple built-in sound filtering applications. They ensure only the best quality of sound.

Surprisingly enough, even the worst laptop microphones can provide decent sound thanks to these filters.

Another big part of Discord is a bot system. Yes, there are thousands of different bots you can use to enhance your newly created server.

Some of them can play music in voice chats, others post news to selected channels. There is a Discord bot for pretty much anything you can think of.

After all this praising you might think that Discord is the ultimate communication app. And it is.

Okay, it might lack a tiny bit to be the best messenger, but at least it is the best among the voice and video calling services as it provides much better quality in every aspect compared to apps like Skype or Zoom.

2. Telegram

A messenger that is very popular in eastern Europe, but lacks recognition in most western and American countries. But, it’s probably only a matter of time, as Telegram is just perfect.

First of all, Telegram is fast. The app launches almost immediately, and the overall performance is flawless, even on old machines.

Computer, smartphone, or tablet. It even has a browser version in case you want to try it out before downloading.

Secondly, the interface and the design are sleek and easy-to-use. But what is even cooler is the countless opportunities for customization.

In Telegram, almost everything can be customized. Starting with chat backgrounds and ending in the color scheme of a whole app, including all tabs and elements.

Last but not least, the quality of both voice and video calling is very good. And it still performs better than most other messengers.

Additionally, what is really important for some users is security. Telegram is known for providing the best security and encryption among all messaging apps.

Telegram users can choose between group chats and public channels to interact with each other.

Everyone knows what group chats are, but what is a public channel? Basically, they’re social media channels, created by Telegram users.

You can get notifications when they post, comment on them, just like on any other social media account. The secret is, though, there is way more quality content in Telegram than anywhere else.

3. Zoho

Email isn’t as popular nowadays as it was ten years ago. Still, it’s commonly used, especially for official and business communication.

But, many e-mailing services provide only the basic experience. Of course, you will mention Google Mail, but its features still don’t come remotely close to what Zoho Mail has in store for you.

It has all the features an average email application has. But it also has plenty of additional features.

For example, the tasks tab, which could be used to put all of your chores and deadlines on a calendar. That way you’ll always be able to keep an eye on them.

It also has really helpful notes and contacts tabs. They are pretty much what you’d expect. One can write anything they need in the notes and scroll through all saved contacts for fast access.

But what may surprise you is the social media feed that is present in Zoho. It allows you to scroll through social media without switching tabs.

Or you could use other features like instant chats or offline writing for the best all-in-one experience.

Summing Up

Generally speaking, underrated things are almost always better than their popular analogs. That’s because not everyone has enough time to research what product or service is better.

However, once you find out that the best things are hidden, you’ll always keep searching for these underrated products or services that turn out to be the best.

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